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Found 6 results

  1. Can a glaze expert answer this? What are the crystals in those commercial glazes? I want to experiment with my own, but I don't know where to begin. After rinsing the crystals in the commercial glazes, they appear to be broken glass, but surely that's not it. Can someone illuminate this for me? I'm a novice at making my own glazes... Thank you!
  2. From the album: Crystalline Glaze / Tile

    When making vertical glaze tests for crystalline glaze: throw a simple cylinder with the catcher attached. When throwing, make the tall cylinder first; pulling enough clay to the top in order to form the catcher. So on the wheel, this image would be inverted with the catcher on the top of the cylinder. You can make the tall and narrow, or short and wide to fit the kiln you use. As you progress, and get your glaze recipe dialed in: little glaze will run off.

    © TJA 2017

  3. Hi y'all! I'm about to order a couple pounds of Laguna Crystalline Glaze (Crystal Palace) and try it out. http://www.axner.com/lagunawc-561crystalpalace10glazedrysoldperlb.aspx Laguna's website says it fires from cone 5 to cone 10, but I'll be doing the first firing at cone 10 in a gas kiln. Has anyone here had prior experience with this glaze? I haven't been able to find much information other than that it is a good base for other crystalline glaze recipes (no info on what those recipes end up looking like though). I'm trying to figure out if it plays well with other glazes an
  4. Morning all, I love the effect of crystal growth in glazes. I want to experiment making a glaze for electric kiln firing on stoneware to cone 8/9. Can anyone share a recipies?
  5. From the album: newer work

    The glaze is the standard silky white crystalline glaze I've been using a lot lately. The center of the bowl was sprayed with a pale green crystalline glaze to define the texture of the fluted pattern carved lightly into the porcelain. For unknown reasons, this sprayed on glaze fumed the white rim of the bowl to an almost fluorescent pink, and crystallized pink flowed down and collected in the center of the bowl
  6. After three successful crystalline firings with the same 4 glazes, my fourth crystalline firing failed with the exact same firing schedule. I had 14 pieces in the kiln and all of the glazes bubbled and flaked off except for one piece! Any advice on what happened? Why is the glaze matte, flaking off and no crystals? How could 13 of the 14 pieces fail? The picture below is 2 vases with failed glaze and 1 vase with the successful glaze The 3 vases were made with the same clay body, bisque fired at the same temperature and have the same glaze.
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