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Found 4 results

  1. Since day 1 I wanted to do wood firing. I started with an electric kiln and although it is possible to do interesting things I'm still focused on ultimately doing Anagama. I cant truly test Cone 10 glazes in my electric and want to get as close to possible to that environment, which means a way to do reduction, neutral and oxidation. So I got a broke down Duncan kiln donated to me and the burner came in today so I'm super excited!!! Stripping it down tonight and getting the elements out then will figure out how to cut the burner port and the top opening. Then I have to find a 40 - 50 gallon ta
  2. Warnings are necessary: 1. I'm chock full of cockamamie ideas; try not to roll your eyes too much. 2. The Kiln Book and The Art of Firing are literally on their way to me in the mail, so I may understand in a week or so why my ideas won't work. But. I've just brought home a new (to me) kiln. It's currently electric, with 5" thick soft brick walls/floor and a 4" thick fiber lid. Internal dimensions are 27.5" wide, 41.5" long, 30" high. I'm using it for single-fired soda (I realize soft brick and fiber don't agree with soda), fired with two Venturi burners. And I really hope to add a bi
  3. Here's a dreaded copy-and-paste from my blog. Wanted to make sure I shared it here, too. I've had an awful lot of help from folks here. Maybe someone someday can glean something helpful from this story. --------- In the Summer of 2012, I brought home this little Paragon electric kiln (from the next province over - and oh, what an adventure this trip was!) and parked it in the driveway, covered in a bright blue tarp, for the winter. My neighbours were pleased, I'm sure. This Spring, we moved it to the back yard. Where we covered it in a bright blue tarp. The opposite-sid
  4. So I've converted another little electric kiln to run propane. My plan is to use it exclusively, for soda firings (by exclusively I mean I have no other kiln to use - even for bisque, so this one has to work, somehow). I've done two firings - one straight propane, the other with soda (Gail Nichols' method of chunks, but inserted with pieces of tree bark). They were successful in that nothing blew up (note they weren't bisqued) and they reached them, but not so much for the soda. The system I currently have is far from perfect, and will probably never work the way it's set up. (I have t
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