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Found 3 results

  1. Looking for a white speckled glaze. What ingredient create the speckling?
  2. Hi there, I'm busy making some glazes and confused about a few chemicals... I have Magnesium Carb and the recipe calls for Manganese Carb. I have zircopax and recipe calls for zircopax plus. I have talc and recipe calls for Texas Talc. AND is EPK same as China clay??? I'd love any, if not all, of these answered but would love ANY assistance. Thanks a bunch!!! Margie
  3. Can someone help me resolve glaze problems please? Several firings and tests later, I am still unable to get a good base glaze. Yes, new at all this,. Besides working in a remote area in the mountains in India. Some of the materials have been a problem. I paid for a ceramicist specializing in glazes to come to help. After two weeks of work, I have one glaze base that works, but still needs to go to 1265C. NOT the cone 6 I wanted. I have about 8 base recipes that are of NO use to me . They all need to go to 1280C - Now that I know my potash feldspar was defective, I will try Nelsons Base etc all over again. But would love to have this one recipe work at ^6. Could anyone suggest how to adjust it?? (The minimum this glaze needs is 1250C - and can go to 1280+. so I am pretty sure i wont get the melt I need at 1222C. ) Ingredients are: Soda Feldspar 45; China Clay 20; Dolomite 20; Talc 5; Whiting 3; Titanium 5; Tin oxide 2. I get a nice slightly speckled grey. Some test tiles were more creamy than grey, but wares all fired as grey. Cobalt and red iron oxide have worked well. Copper has not. Any ideas of what other colorants to test with the above, or why copper didnt work ....? That is IF there is a way to make this a cone 6 recipe??? Sorry to sound so ignorant - but chemistry is a beyond my scope - Doing ma best - but mainly trial and error. I do NOT understand the what, how and why of the materials !! I LOVE my bisqued pieces.....
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