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Found 4 results

  1. Has anyone tested Spectrum's new Metallic Gold Rain? I would like to try it on a sculpture but need to pay shipping to test. I assume it doesn't actually look like the promotional test tile- but I'm looking for something stunning!! Thanks!!
  2. From the album: Favorites

    Set of butterfly bowls I just finished. I'm fairly pleased with how they came out even though they were over fired.
  3. aarrgghhh...I typed my whole spiel and the dang thing timed out and erased it all. OK-seeking a simple starter lesson on the sequence of greenware/bisque/mature fired AND with the proper sequence of underglaze and glaze relative to the firing sequence...not clear on the fit of the cone of the body and the cone of the glaze when it comes to the variables. I have read, watched videos, read more, and read again...but something is twitching in my brain to the point that I am just not "getting it" and not retaining any simple steps of what to do when. I have zip experience with commerci
  4. I have a commercial glaze, a coyote Shino, The glaze is about five years old, I bought it dry, its been mixed up in a bucket for about five years. The bucket was apparently faily airtight, it didn't dry out much at all. I've used it every now and then but not a lot, this time when I went to use it, it won't adhere to the bisque. I tried on several different pieces, I tried wiping them with a damp sponge first, it still will not adhere. I am thinking that maybe some organic element of the glaze has broken down in time. Does anyone have any ideas what I could do to make this glaze work again,
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