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Found 4 results

  1. I’ve spent a fair amount of time in China and taken thousands of pictures of some very special places and things, at least i think so and thought the ones dealing with ceramics might be of interest here. i'm not the best writer in the world so please pardon all the grammar mistakes. i’ll start with a trip i took to Jingdezhen, this was a few years ago and the city was hosting a world ceramics exhibition. a very good friend in shanghai made arrangements for us ahead of time and we were met at the airport by our host, we called her “Dajie” chinese for old friend, i don’t remember her real name as I’ve met so many different people over there that as a westerner the chinese names can get very confusing. Dajie is the Chief of police for the City of Jingdezhen so we were in very good hands and she was our personal escort for the 3 days we spent there, her husband is, or was managing vice mayor at the time of our visit. i was struck as we toured the city that almost everything was decorated in blue and white china, light poles, benches even the large concrete road overpass supports, really beautiful and everything looked in pristine condition. our first stop was at the ancient kilns and ceramic historical museum for the kiln lighting ceremony, this was a closed event attended by governors and politicians from various states throughout China covered by Chinese media outlets. this set of pictures is shot around the museum showing our friend and host Dajie, some of the artists, the crowds gathering for the kiln lighting ceremony and of the lighting of the kiln. IMG_1162.jpg IMG_1127.jpg DSC03849.jpg DSC03857.jpg DSC03858.jpg IMG_1141.jpg IMG_1129.jpg IMG_1132.jpg kiln lighting IMG_1154.jpg IMG_1156.jpg IMG_1146.jpg IMG_1150.jpg in one of the images there is an older man wearing a dark blue smock over a white long sleeve shirt with white pants, behind him is another man in dark color and white shirt with a red ribbon pinned to his brest, he is Chinas leading expert on ancient ceramics and frequently appears on Chinese TV, it was fun seeing him in person. his name is Ma Wei Duo. IMG_1145.jpg the next 3 pictures are of the wall in the garden of another friends studio, yu jun, the pottery built into the wall dates back to the Ming Dynasty, I’ve more pictures from his studio but need to find where they are stored. DSC04332.jpg DSC04333.jpg DSC04335.jpg couple of pics from the franz factory, my wife Angela enjoying the ceramic furniture and a lovely fish vase. DSC04341.jpg DSC04342.jpg i got a chance to meet the artists attending the world event from north Korea. IMG_1163.jpg and finally pictures from a factory with some really big pots. IMG_1171.jpg DSC04308.jpg DSC04309.jpg from left to right at the factory... another of our guides this guy is a special forces undercover police officer, yu way le she is a former university professor and an author on a dozen books about China's master jade carvers, me and on the far right Angela. DSC04326.jpg
  2. Good morning everybody, I am new to this forum, so I hope I am not asking a question that's already been asked hundreds of times... Also I hope I am in the right section... Sorry in advance if both those hopes fail. I will be in Beijing, China, from September to December or January, and I am looking for an open studio, where I could rent a space, a wheel and a shared kiln, to keep my ceramics activity while I am away from my own studio at home (I am following my partner, who's going to be working there all day long). Does anybody have ideas or suggestions? Ideally, it would be a place I could go to every day and stay for as long as possible... I have found such places in most of our trips around the world, and have all my fingers crossed to be able to find it also in Beijing. With classes or teachers would be a perfect bonus, but if I could at least keep practicing, that'd be already fantastic! Thanks a lot in advance for your help!
  3. The 2014 FRANZ AWARD, the biggest porcelain design award in the world, will send the winner to: Maison & Objet (M&O) show @Paris with more than US$16,000 Submit deadline : July 16th, 2014 Come show your inspiration of "Eternity." No hidden fees and will sponsor the making fee for the finals. Official Campaign Video: http://goo.gl/1ISM34 Discover more : http://www.franzaward.com/en_2014/news_info.php?sn=992#.U3GQOIGSydI and Submit here : http://www.franzaward.com/en_2014/
  4. Yes, Clay Can Take You Around the World: Experiencing Korea and China Slide Presentation by John Baymore, NHIA Ceramics Faculty In this evening slide talk, ceramics department faculty member John Baymore will discuss his recent experiences in the Far East. In the first half, he will show images from the spring 2012 MunGyeong Chasabal (teabowl) Festival in South Korea, where John was an invited demonstrating artist and in which his work won the Silver Prize. The second half will cover his experiences as an invited lecturer at the Yixing Ceramics and Culture Festival in Yixing, People’s Republic of China in the spring of 2013, where he was awarded a Guest Professorship at the Wuxi Institute of Art and Technology. Watch for this Asian focused program to be continued early next semester with an additional presentation on John’s summer spent working in Japan in 2013. This FREE presentation is open to both the NHIA Community and the general public. There will be an opportunity after the presentation for informal discussion and to see some ceramic work John brought back from China and Korea. WHEN: Wednesday November 20th 6PM WHERE: NHIA Ceramics Department Lower Level, 77 Amherst St. Manchester, NH Parking available on the street or in the lot on Concord Street. JohnBaymore-KoreaChinaLecture2013flyer.pdf
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