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Found 4 results

  1. Does anyone have any Cone 6 Albany Slip Recipes? I have a bucket labeled "Albany Slip" that I've had for 20 years and I got it from an old woman who could no longer work with clay for health reasons so I think it may be the real thing. I have heard there are a few yellows you can only get with Albany slip. I'd like to test out some recipes to see if it is in fact Albany Slip.
  2. I inherited a small amount of Albany slip and Barnard Blackbird slip in powder form - about 2 cups of each. I am working with stoneware and firing at cone 6 in an electric kiln. As I am new at this, are there easy recipes for these two slips anyone cares to share? These slips are best applied to wet, leatherhard or bisque ware?
  3. I found some bentonite/kaolinite purple colored clay along the local river bed. So I dug some, slaked it, sieved through a 40 mesh. The clay shrank 16% when fired and melted at cone 5 into a "dog poo like pile" of brown yuk. Not very good for building. But I made a terra sig slip from it and applied it to greenware - Laguna half and half. It did not do anything in the bisque firing, but at cone 5 it created a chocolate brown semigloss Albany-like glaze which breaks over the ridges to a lighter tan. It also has flecks of yellow to green. I want to use this as a base glaze/slip but wo
  4. I am newish to the forum (although was staying away for some time because every time I tried to use the site my computer blocked intrusions) and getting back into clay after about seven years off for raising kids/recovering from advanced Lyme disease. As I am youngish, I was not around when Albany slip was readily available. It fascinated me even before I lived in Albany. Before stopping potting, I experimented coating some items with Albany slip substitute in a wood kiln and got some neat results although now I am limited to an electric kiln. I live in the city of Albany with a nice double
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