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Found 9 results

  1. How much do you charge for a mug? 15? 20? 25? 30? 40? My mugs are on the bigger side (but not steins) and each of them are carved, so I am just trying to figure out a good price point.
  2. What's considered a good and great amount in dollars to sell at a day art show for a pottery booth? I know there are a lot of factors to come into play like weather and location but putting it aside, ball park it. Or what amount would you be happy with?
  3. Has anyone tried the manufactured amaco shino glazes? And if you have, did you like them? Also how many potters use manufactured glazes? And do you have any other recommendations?
  4. Is a farmers market a decent place to sell pottery? There aren't a lot of art shows where I am from, but the farmers market is huge and all sorts of vendors are there.
  5. What is NCECA exactly? Like what will it all entail? And did you enjoy it when you went?
  6. I am selling at my first big outdoor show and need you feedback! Do you guys display your stuff on some sort of shelving or do you bring tables? Do you have any good ideas for portable shelving? And do you haul these tables/shelves in your car or do you have some sort of trailer? I guess what I am asking how do you display your pottery and how do you transport everything there?
  7. I was reading another post on here and it said something about cracking the lid or keeping peep holes open when firing an electric kiln. Are you supposed to? Is it bad that I don't? And for bisque? Glaze? Or both?
  8. How much do you typically pay for a booth at an art show? How much in sales is considered good for a pottery booth at a one day art show?
  9. What colors of pottery do you find sells the best? Neutrals like white and brown? Light colors? Dark colors? Blues? Greens? Shinos? Etc?
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