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Found 6 results

  1. Hi, I am extremely new to the ceramics community and I recently purchased an electric kiln. I have been making stoneware vases in the shape of bodies which in places are particularly thick (1.5 inches maybe at the base). I had left the greenware for about a week before attempting a bisque fire. I had previously fired bowls in this kiln (cone 05) and none had cracked or had any issues. Unfortunately when I came to open up my kiln filled with these vases many of them had either cracked in linear type chips or seemingly exploded completely (small shards shattered around). I have researched and apparently it can be an issue with moisture however they appeared to be bone dry from colour and tapping them. I was wondering if anyone had any knowledge they could share with me over whether the issue is more one of thickness, temperature or potentially moisture content? I was in love with these vases and spent hours working on them and would be devastated if there was not a way around me making more of them. (apologies if this is not the correct place to put on this website- I have never used it before!) Thank you in advance!
  2. crazypotterlady


    From the album: Displays

    Arrangement of ^6 dark clay pottery vases and bottles. Sgraffito through underglazes.
  3. Hi everyone! I came across this article about Dutch artist, Olivier van Herpt's 3D printed ceramic vases. This is truly fascinating with some vases as tall as 80 cm. Do any of you have experience 3D printing ceramics?
  4. So tonight I was inspired by clay lover's post "throwing with the eye of the clay" and the subsequent discussion there. I liked the idea of centring tall and opening there. I thought "what a great opportunity to try a new vase form." So i sat down with a picture of a Goryeo celadon vase not unlike this one: http://img.koreatimes.co.kr/upload/news/100521_p15_kansong2.jpg I thought, what a perfect shape to try to throw. I had no pretensions about doing the inlay or even glazing it celadon. I'm not that good, nor crazy enough to think I am. I just wanted a nice shaped pot in good old Michael Sheba raku clay and my black raku glaze. Ho-ly did I bomb it. I opened nicely, got the cylinder up to height, brought in a nice little waist, formed the shoulder, and then . I'm still not entirely sure where all I went wrong, but I can say for certain I was too slow, lacked confidence, which caused me to over work the clay, plus tunnel vision focussing on all the wrong aspects. But you know what? I loved it. Failure's great. I haven't screwed up since I flubbed a firing, and that was such a minor mistake, it almost shouldn't have happened--I also refired everything in that firing to great success. But this was epic, I haven't failed this badly at throwing in almost a year. I've got something to figure out now. Best part of the whole process. Tyler had a good night.
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