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Found 6 results

  1. Hi all. Is it possible to glaze over a piece that has been terrasigged? Has anyone done this? I would be interested to see your results please! I am wanting to create a sculpture with some areas terrasigged and some glazed. All comments and ideas welcome!
  2. I am looking for a new wax for my horse hair pottery. I currently use a good carnauba paste wax, but it turns a slight off white. I would like a clear wax over the white terra sig. Any ideas?
  3. I'm asking this for a friend who is not on the computer. She makes her own terra sig out of Red Art and her pottery is made using Highwater Clay's Stans Red clay. The sig buffs up beautifully if applied straight to the Stans Red on bone dry pieces. She recently started covering her leather hard pieces with a white slip (pieces are majolica decorated), then, after bisquing, glazes with her regular base glaze before applying the majolica colors. In her last session of making pieces, she wanted the bases of her mugs and vases to have a black terra sig instead of the red sig so she added black stain to it. It was applied on the bottoms of bone dry pieces that also had had slip applied. The color came out a beautiful black, but no matter how many layers, or how hard or long it was buffed, it would not form a sheen. On the final fired pieces the black terra sig is a very matt black. Is this because it is being applied over slip? Aside from adding the black stain, the addition of the slip is the only difference.
  4. Morning all, Can you help please. I'm doing a raku workshop this weekend and I need to produce some pots using terra sig. I use a commercial raku clay and I need to know if I can use it slaked down to produce the terra sig? Marcia's video indicates ball clay, but I'm confused as to whether I should use stoneware ball clay? Thanks for your help Andrea
  5. Hi again, Yes as the title says yet another question being posed to all of you. I've some bisqued pots and I am wondering if I can apply terra sig to them for horse hair firing. If so, do I need to re-bisque? Many, many thanks. Andrea
  6. Hi everyone, Hoping you can answer a question regarding the making of terra sig. I've watched Marcia's video. I'm using a premix raku clay and don't have access to the ball clay component. Can I use this clay and slake down to make the terra sig? Thanks
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