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Found 4 results

  1. Hello I was hoping for any help on the trimming of pinch pots on the wheel, I met another Potter at my local studio who does this and she offered to show me but we keep missing each other. Do any of you know how to do this and what kind of specific equipment or tool do I need? A plaster or bisque slump mould? What kind of bat system do you need?
  2. Hi there, I thought someone here may have the answer to this frustrating issue. I have been slip casting and all of a sudden some of these molds started transfering layers of plaster to the porcelain slip after using them for some time. Some of these moulds were a couple of months old some were a couple of years but they all started doing this at the same time. I made new moulds and they started doing the same thing after about 15 casts.They all staretd ddoingit at the smae time again. Loosing fine layers of the plaster onto the porcelain slip cast clay. I have attached some images below both of the moulds and the porcelain with the plaster attached. Also some extra into Also there is no other obvious deterioration of the mould on the outside. Only the small fine layer that has peeled off inside. I am casting a piece a day. It is winter here, but I have a heated studio. I'm using imperial porcelain slip. These moulds I made myself out of potters plaster and are part moulds. I cast very fine works 2-3mm thick They are from different batches of plaster the first and second time. I alowed the moulds to completely dry before using them (no dampness transfered onto newsprint overnight) The moulds that I use plastic clay in are fine! Any ideas? I have asked around a bit in my circle but so far everyone seems perplexed. One thought is that I'm not letting the moulds dry out enough between times. That maybe casting once a day is to much for a plaster mold to take? I' needing to make a lot of work using these designs so I am casting daily and letting the moulds sit over night empty, but it is cold. I'm desperate to keep using them.
  3. Good morning, Here I am again consulting the experts. I have an order for four mugs, they are to be the same and done in porcelain. I'm not at the stage where I can throw semi-identical items. So I thought I'd throw the form that they like and then cast a mould and use porcelain slip. Here's the problem. I've looked at a lot of youtube videos about making moulds and they involve a lot of work. My thinking is that I build a containment area out of tiles. Press the form half way into clay. Fill the remainder with plaster of paris. Then repeat for the second half. As the sides are identical no need for registration marks. Are my thoughts incorrect? Does the mug have to be leather hard or bone dry? Oh and the thrown mug has curves but no handles. Thought I'd cast those as well and slip them together. Your thoughts and advice would as usual be most appreciated. Have yourself a productive but relaxing day. Andrea
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