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Found 2 results

  1. Hello everyone, I am hopefully going to be embarking on a journey soon enough of selling some log cabins. I am hoping that I can figure out a way to make a mold of the design so that I will have an easier time producing them. Here is a LINK to some pictures of one. I am wondering if, with some modifications, a mold is able to be made of a complex shape such as this? The roof is separate and I would be making a separate mold for it. Are the amount of details added, such as the window panes and door frames too much detail for a mold master and would be better added afterward? The windows themselves would not be cut out yet of the mold master but is the hollow inside a problem? I am thinking since it is hollow than it would have to be a slip cast mold but since there are so many over hangs I am guessing it would not just slide out easily? Would a two piece slip cast mold work though - that is split horizontally? This way it just pops off? As for my slip cast mixing question. I've been doing some research and see that sometimes people say it has to be mixed for hours while other instructions only mix for 10-30 minutes maybe. Are hand drills with say a jiffy mixer used often and successfully in mixing slip or do industrial mixers need to be used? Thanks in advance for any advice and I hope this makes sense.
  2. DATE : August 9-12, 2016 LOCATION: Cloudy Mountain Pottery, Maple Falls ,WA HANDMADE TILE: 4 days, comprehensive workshop with Stephani Stephenson of Revival Tileworks Join us this summer, August 9-12 2016, at Cloudy Mountain Pottery for an exciting 4 day workshop with the fabulous Stephani Stephenson. This will be an intensive, comprehensive hands on tile making workshop. Come learn design, relief modeling/ carving, making field tile and trim, moldmaking, extruding, pressing and forming techniques. If that isn’t enough, we will also cover drying, firing, clays, surface treatments and glazing. Participants will make a relief tile and reusable mold. Cost: $425 includes 4 day workshop and all materials. Stephenson is a full time tile maker and sculptor. She brings a sense of both history and exploration, experience and high energy to her workshops. link to information: http://cloudymountainpottery.com/events/
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