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Found 3 results

  1. My Kiln has been in a unheated shed for the past 6 mo. and even though covered with a wool blanky and tarps- I started it up to make sure everything was Okay, and it is but it is steaming like a sauna bath. It has been over an hr. Will it stop? Is there a way to dry it out before I try to fire anything?
  2. So, I got tired of hearing from a certain group of people I know in real life about how silly I am to think that a bubble left inside of clay won't explode during firing. Literally eye-rolling when I tried to tell them YOU GUYS said on my ceramic arts daily forums that that is a myth. I tried to explain this is trapped moisture and not trapped air. I took a further risk as both they, and I, have taken the inevitable college pottery classes where about 10% of the work blows up, and the teacher blames it on the students not having learned how to wedge properly, when really, -I'm guessing anyway, it's work rushed into the kiln so students can have it fired before next week's class. So I made a little marble with a huge air pocket inside it, let it dry out about 3 weeks just to be safe, pretty damp here on the coast, and put it in with a load of my work. So I wouldn't forget which one it was I marked it with a little bomb-shaped impression . After bisque firing I took the doubters outside, had them examine the marble for holes, cracks, etc (they confirmed there were none) then opened it up with a hammer, showing them that it was in fact, completely hollow. Sometimes I really would rather be right than be happy! -actually I'm pretty happy about it, go figure. Every ceramics teacher should do this instead of giving misinformation about moisture, I literally did not know that this was wrong until I joined the forums.
  3. Hi I am a newbie with a history of handbuilding on and off over the last 20 years. The elements where I live are much hotter and windier than where I use to live and I'm finding it challenging to keep my pieces leather hard. I want to keep them in the leather hard stage longer so that I can do both surface decorations with stencils/screens etc. Some of these pieces are containers and I want to be able to cut into them to make lids and flanges. I can't get to these pieces every day and they are drying out too much inbetween. I wrap them in plastic and put them in an outdoor closet under stairs. Any and all suggestions that would help extend the leatherhard stage would be appreciated. Thank you.
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