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Found 1 result

  1. Hi folks, I am new to this forum and apologise if my questions have been and gone before, I’m sure they have! I have bought an old gas fired port-o-kiln and have had in installed into the granite lean to which has a tin roof, at the end of the stables (no horses in there anymore) it seems like a good space. Its small but there is air flow. The kiln is small, it has two burners in v good condition and I have a19kg bottle of propane for it. The kiln didn’t come with a flu or hood so I have got someone to fashion a basic hood and chimney to take the heat and fumes out. There is about an 8” gap between the bottom of the hood and the kiln to use a damper. I have done a couple of firings with a local potter who has a pretty unconventional approach to firing, and I have learnt alot but I woukd like to give it a gallop and see if I can put into practise what I’ve learnt. I have found it quite hard finding solid info on gas firing. I will be firing a range of stoneware and porcelain from 1260 -1300 in reduction. The potter who helped me before used gloves and a hire fire brick as a damper, but I am a little worried about forcing the heat in for some reason - I havnt seen many kikns in my time is this ok practise to control the atmosphere? Where and how did you learn to fire with gas/wood etc? Can you give me any tips or benchmarks? Any good books you can recommend please? So interested to learn more about firing and different kilns. Many thanks for reading!
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