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Found 10 results

  1. cone did not melt so the Kiln Sitter did not shut-off power and kiln overfired. Now 2 elements will not energize!
  2. Hello! I have done some pottery in the past in a classroom setting and recently acquired an old electric kiln for a price I couldn't say no too. I've never fired my own pieces before and my husband had to go pick the kiln up for me so I wasn't able to ask the previous owner the many questions I now have. The kiln is small and electric with no visible markings to indicate who made it or what the model is. The only thing that seems to determine if it's on or off is if it is plugged in. As soon as it's plugged in, it heats up and gets going, there is no control panel or on/off switch. It came with a kilnsitter LT-3 and I've done extensive research on how to operate the sitter, but it came separate from the kiln and I have no idea how to install it. There does not seem to be any extra wiring for me to attach the sitter too. Does anyone have any clues as to how I can install the kilnsitter and get firing?
  3. Hello all, Looking for firing schedules. I have a small manual electric kiln with a kiln sitter and wondering if anyone has a simple, clear firing schedule they follow and could share? I am a beginner trying to learn how to fire for Cone 04 Bisque and then another schedule for Cone 6 Glaze Fire. I am using buff stoneware. Any firing tips appreciated! Thanks so much, Natalie
  4. Hi everyone! I am an art teacher and am new to the firing process. I have the AMACO Standard Economy Electric Kiln (EC-55). kiln. The kiln sitter I have is the model LT-3 (I attached a picture of the kiln sitter that I have). I did a bisque fire last night with the pieces that were made from lowfire earthenware clay. The clay can be fired from 06-04. I used cone 05 and and set the timer on the kiln sitter to 12 hours. This morning I walked in and the dial seems to have stopped at 6 hours instead of firing for the full 12 hours. I am not sure what the problem could have been. Do you think I should re-fire the pieces for an additional 6 hours with a new cone? I don't know if they would be okay to glaze or not because it did not fire for the full amount of time. Thanks!
  5. For some back story, I acquired an AIM kiln model #2327hc (never heard of them until I got this one) about 5 years ago from someone who had it in their basement. It's been in my basement since then until I just made space to hook it up. It hasn't been fired in at least 7 years so I had no idea if it would work. And it doesn't. I switch the kiln on and a red light comes on indicating power. I flip the other switch to "Run" and nothing happens. The kiln doesn't heat up, click, or the percentage lights and "HEAT" light doesn't come on. I have a Skutt kiln at my work that I've done work on, so I'm familiar with how the kiln should be sounding and responding. The interesting thing about this aim kiln is when I go to switch it off, for a spirit second inbetween moving the switch from on to off I hear the clicking sound that the relays make when pumping electricity into the elements. I'm pretty sure the wiring is fine, the kiln sitter is fine, I'm just not sure if the relay is the issue or if the circuit board in the Fireright is broken. It's an old kiln and things are dusty, but visually nothing looks broken. Based on some mis-matching screws I can tell someone did repairs on this before, but I honestly have no idea when the last time this was used. Does anybody else have an oldish aim kiln or a fireright jr controll box? Let me know if you've run into problems like this on other kilns even. Thanks! Pardon any misspellings, this is on my iPhone. -Ben
  6. I have a standard old school Skutt with a kiln sitter but not really old, from about 2005 or so, just not computerized. It normally runs like a champ and no issues with the elements. I belong to a large co-op but probably do 10 or so loads at home so it doesn't get heavy use as I fire most of my work at the other studio. Of course I have a show this week-end and was ready to run one last load through since I sold quite a bit at my co-op sale. For the first time my kiln tripped the breaker when I turned it to high, but not right away, about a half hour in. This is after I had it on low for an hour vented and then on medium for at least another hour with no issues. When I ran it on high it tripped the breaker after about a half hour. I re-set it and tried again and had the same issue. I didn't want to keep trying as there must be a more serious issue though I can't understand what would be causing it to trip when the temperature goes up. Anyone have any ideas? I may have to call in someone to fix if I can't figure it out myself. Thanks
  7. Hi everyone! Im so glad I found this page, I recently started up my own little studio finally and was given a small little even heat kiln model k-810 with a kiln sitter. Im doing test firing and it seems to heat up and everything seems fine however being so little I assumed it won't take as long to reach temperature, the cones look like they weren't even affected at all. Im so confused and cannot find any info on this older kiln! Please help
  8. I recently bought an Econo j236 kiln for next to nothing complete with the kiln sitter. It's from before 1997, the woman wasn't sure exactly when. I haven't run it just yet, but does anyone have any tips or tricks to using this specific kiln or any other of the j models? I found the instructions online, but I think it's always better to hear real life experiences with it!
  9. I am on the 15th hour of a cone six glaze firing, Yes, hour 15 and I am getting nervous. I usually fire on a slow cycle with my cress Firemate but it usually takes about 11or 12 hours . The kiln sitter shut off an hour ago but the witness cones that I could view had not started to bend so I continued to fire. The cones are just starting to bend but I am concerned about what is happening on the shelves I cannot see. The kiln is smaller and usually fires even .I think I must be ready for new elements. I have a lot of glaze tests in this load and hate to waste all the time I have put in this far. Any advice ? Should stop the firing even if the visable witness cones are not fully bent?
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