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Found 5 results

  1. last kiln opening https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4hRniX0sUw0
  2. I am taking advanced ceramics courses at a University and need help organizing my thoughts/ideas/notes regarding glazes and glaze testing. I have searched the internet (research is NOT my strongest point) for some sort of chart/form that can help me keep detailed/thorough and consistent notes about my glaze testing. I have seen a program that will do this, but it is currently outside of my price-range Does anyone have or know where I could get something similar as a starting point. My memory stinks and have TOO MANY thoughts floating around in my head NOT TO do a detailed note-taking
  3. I hope this link works for you ... If not, friend me on Facebook and look at this post by Alisa Lisken Clausen showing her stackable shapes for glaze testing. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10207364814900634&set=a.4565599700076.2184015.1294156826&type=3 What makes this shape so great is the combination is stackability, texture, no glaze run accidents and the ability to use the wares later.
  4. At tonight's Triangle Potters Guild meeting ( Raleigh, NC) there was a presentation by Martin Stankus and Carolyn Wyland about Cone 6-7 glazes. With some generous helpers and some famous advisors and some great art centers volunteering their recipes ...they mixed 300 glazes and applied them to 4 test tiles each ... One white body, one red ... One set fired in oxidation, the other in gas reduction. Four times 300 is yep, 1,200 glaze tests. Then we watched a show of each of the test groupings for 35 minutes. Dead silence as a room full of potters drooled over glazes. It was often amazing to see
  5. A few of us junior potter wanna bes have volunteered to sculpt 'test tiles' to use on a wall display at a local arts council. We elected to scultp various little feet [human, animal, creature], shoes, boots, skates, anything that is foot oriented. We have given each piece texture and smooth surfaces with angles and flat areas for glaze movement. Each piece has a notch in the bottom so it can be hung on a pegboard in a spreadsheet type orientation showing the combination/layering of various glazes. Because this is a rather whimsical and fun display we are looking for a catchy name th
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