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Found 8 results

  1. Hello, I'm new to this forum and hope I'm asking this question of the correct group. I found this clear gloss glaze recipe from this forum and have used it with success. However, the glaze becomes panhard very quickly, and dries on bisqueware far too fast. I guess it needs to be deflocculated? Is there something else I should have added to this recommended recipe at the start? Original post: Posted December 29, 2010 Here is a cone 6 clear for oxidation: So Clear (from Michael Sherrill w
  2. Can anyone provide a glaze recipe for the interior of fermentation crocks? I prefer to mix my own glazes. Thanks, Nancy
  3. I am looking for a cone 5/6 wood ash glaze recipe that I can use in an electric kiln. Thank you.
  4. I have been experimenting with gold lustre over the past six months - simply applying it over a stoneware clear glaze. I accidentally applied it to an unglazed surface on one of my pieces but I really ended up enjoying the satin finish of the gold. I tried to replicate this finish but the gold flaked! I mean...I know all gold lustre instructions say to apply to a glazed body, but I figured it looked so good on my accident then perhaps I could replicate it, right? Wrong! I am looking for either a satin or matte clear glaze to apply onto a porcelain body so that the lustre can be have more
  5. Hello Everyone, I was looking at this commercial glaze: https://www.scarva.com/en/Scarva-GZ2214-Iron-Reactive-Glaze/m-5060.aspx and was wondering if you could tell me which component/property of this glaze made it 'iron reactive'? I would love to locate a glaze recipe with the same effect that I could try, or develop a glaze on my own. Thanks!
  6. Hi All, I received some great advice from the members of this forum for my first Raku fire and wanted so show some of the results. If fired the kiln twice, once as a test with sample items and once with my work which was more successful. The video is of the second firing (although I did upload the first to YouTube as well, I learned a lot from it). It is not very long and shows the completed work at the end. I used a combination of glazes that I prepared from recipes from the internet and books as well as some pre-mixed Laguna glazes. I made the kiln from an old Paragon kiln I foun
  7. Hi. I was wondering if there an app to catalog glaze recipes for the ipad? Ideally it would be able to input the ingredients and amounts, have a few photos associated with the recipe, some notes, and be searchable by glaze name, color, glaze surface, ingredient, or keywords. In an even more perfect world it could calculate the amounts in measurable amount from the percentages entered if i ask it to calculate how much of an ingredient i needed for a pint or gallon, or 5 gallon of glaze. I don't suppose there is such an app to download? It could even be a iphone app tho an ipad app would be bett
  8. Hi all I am quite new to glazing and am looking for tried and true recipes. I particularly want a good aubergine gloss glaze which fires at cone 6 oxidation. I am using stoneware clay. Any suggestions welcome!
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