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Found 1 result

  1. I am having a small brick patio laid next month. The design is two intersecting circles of different sizes (one for the table, one for a firepit). To fill the tangent areas between them I am planning to integrate a few of my own handmade pavers. They won't be really large as I want them to last and am concerned about impact cracking them over time. I live in CT so freezing and thawing is definitely an issue. I would like some advice on this to make sure it works out well. Here's what I do know: I need to use a well-grogged mid to high fire clay that has a fixed firing range. It'll be cone 6 since my kiln doesn't go to 10. I need to make these fairly (and evenly) thick but not sure exactly how thick that needs to be... I plan to sand-set these, possibly using a polymer sand set as my morter or I may just let them sit on sand and gravel substrate with soil between to grow moss, creeping thyme or something along those lines. I will likely ask my landscaper to set up the base and edging, if it doesn't add too much to the cost. (He's very excited about the design). I'm not sure if a fully vitrified clay will really need glaze but I want to incorporate color and variety so I plan to use a mix of glazed and unglazed, possibly a few found objects/pebbles/glass blobs, etc. (I will probably use Amaco's Potter's Choice.) Is there anything else I should keep in mind? Pre-made, cone 6, moist clay recommendations that are available in the Northeast? Thanks in advance. -Susan Once completed I will post a picture.
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