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Found 1 result

  1. So I replaced my TCs about a month or two ago and I had no problems. I fired probably 5-6 times since I replaced them. However a few weeks ago I turned on my kiln and had an e-22, that flashed between that and e-26. I thought it was just because it was cold (45F)in my garage, so I heated up my garage with a heater and the error went away. So I thought it was just a cold problem, although in all the previous years I have never had this issue with even colder nights. Well, I went out there today to run a firing and it is probably 60F in my garage because of the crazy warm weather today. I am now getting the same error codes again. I did all the steps on L&L's website for the E-22. As here: http://hotkilns.com/how-fix-e-22-or-e-6-error-code-dynatrol I checked everything and redid all the TC connections just to be sure. Error still persist. When I check TC 1 and TC 2 temp it reads -106. One thing I will note is that it flashes E-22, then E-26 and stays on E-26. E-26 from this link: http://hotkilns.com/error-codes Says the following: E- 26 (E-26, Er26, E26): a2d (analog to digital conversion) not working properly/problem- try again or replace the board. Any ideas? I have checked all the wiring and everything looks great. All the numbers match and everything is as it should be. I am guessing for some reason my board is dead? I haven't had any power surges or anything. I have an email into L&L, but it is the holiday season, I am guessing I might not hear back for a while. So I thought I would post my question here just in case anyone has any clues. My 3-year warranty ran out this year, so might be an expensive fix. If I need a new controller I might just get the digital one.
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