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  1. From the album: New ^6 Work 2015 (2)

    Wheel thrown and constructed dark stoneware teapot, sgraffito through underglazes, dotted accents. Blue opaque gloss glaze inside and clear glaze outside. 7 cup capacity.
  2. From the album: 2015 Sgraffito

    © 2015, Carolyn Bernard Young

  3. From the album: 2015 Sgraffito

    Wheel-thrown bowl with undulating edge, depicting Choctaw ponies running free in the Oklahoma mountains.

    © 2015, Carolyn Bernard Young

  4. From the album: 2015 Sgraffito

    Lidded jar depicting Choctaw woman collecting bark for medicine tea.

    © 2015, Carolyn Bernard Young

  5. From the album: Rogryphon's stuff

    Playing with the sgraffito technique. It's a fox since they are so cool.
  6. From the album: Rogryphon's stuff

    Playing with sgraffito and my love of foxes.
  7. From the album: Favorites

    I really love the way the pattern on this planter came out. This is wheel thrown with applied engobe, sgraffito geometric pattern. Fired to ^6 electric with commercial glazes.

    © Firenflux

  8. From the album: Rogryphon's stuff

    More sgraffito. This time more of an etching.
  9. firenflux

    wave Jar

    From the album: My nautical stuff

    This is a jar I threw in one piece, incised the lid then trimmed them apart. The whole piece is covered in various engobes and underglazes, carved and fired in an electric kiln.
  10. From the album: MOAR STUFFS

    This bowl was a process, to say the least. I threw it with whiteware clay, messed with the rim, and covered it completely with black slip. Then, I carved the dragon. I bisqued it, and since carving all those scales took away all of my sanity, I underglazed color onto the bisque, and re-bisqued it. Covered in shiny clear and fired to ^04. Dang thing had little crawl spots, grrr...re-fired to ^03 after adding a bit more glaze to the bald spots. Voíla! Sold it a few years ago for a stupidly low $150... *facepalm* I'dve charged four times that if I was thinking straight. Live and learn!

    © Sarah Alderete

  11. From the album: My nautical stuff

    I throw the goblets in 2 parts then assemble them. They are some of my favorite pieces to make.
  12. From the album: My nautical stuff

    One of my earlier nautical designs. This one is from 2005 I think.
  13. From the album: My nautical stuff

    another view of my nautical teapot. The top is a yo yo jar I threw in one piece without a bottom and then stacked after throwing the main body of the teapot.
  14. From the album: My nautical stuff

    another view of my nautical teapot. I threw the spout and handle and pieced them together. I got some cracks in the seams of the bottom cut out so I keep this one for decoration.
  15. From the album: MOAR STUFFS

    Sgraffito is rough on me, but little gems like this one sometimes show up at my tables. Sorry for the pic quality... >.>
  16. firenflux

    Bell Wip

    From the album: Works in progress

    Working on this little hand bell. It's thrown and painted with blue engobe then carved. It has a bit of high temp wire shoved into the high point of the bell which I will hang the ringer from.
  17. From the album: Favorites

    Goblets are just plain fun to make. This is another of my signature patterns. I love the combination of glazes and engobes on this piece. Wheel thrown, with engobe and sgraffito. Commercial glazes, fired to ^6 electric.

    © Firenflux

  18. From the album: Favorites

    This was a custom order I completed last year. I love the way it came out. It's wheel thrown, with thrown feet. applied engobe and underglaze, hand painted and textured. Commercial glazes fired ^6 electric.

    © Firenflux

  19. Okay. I have seen some dee-lish-us and positively drool-worthy stoneware and porcelain work on this forum, but I'm kinda wondering something... Where are all my terracotta-luvvin' buddies at?! I feel kinda by my lonesome here! Give a shout and post some pics of your iron red glory! Here's a mug I did with white slip and underglaze. Fired to sitter ^03 to make it a wee more vitreous. ♥ What's your favorite thing to make with terracotta?
  20. I cant seem to find a good, lead free glaze for sgraffito on red clay. I would like to mix my own. All the frit recipes I have tried come out cloudy. This could be gasses released in firing causing tiny bubbles. Could be I am not firing high enough. I used to use a lead base glaze with no problems. Now I am just getting frustrated and feel totally incompetent! Does anyone have a clear glaze for red clay you will share... and also the temperature would be helpful.
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