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Found 23 results

  1. I have a unique situation. I have a full time job and do pottery as a hobby. I recently bought a wheel off of Facebook marketplace for $150. The only words on it are "intelligent ceramic drawing machine" definitely not a high tech wheel and only for beginners. It works great! The only thing is as soon as I press the pedal to bring power to the wheel a very loud beeping sound sounds continuously as long as the wheel is moving. I noticed the wires to the pedal have one that looks like it isn't connected but it makes this sound even when I don't use the pedals and I only use the manual speed buttons on the side of the machine. Does anyone know anything about a wheel making this sound AND HOW TO MAKE IT STOP! It works great except for that. Thanks!
  2. Hi folks, it's been awhile. I've still been throwing pots and being a potter. Recently I made a leach style treadle wheel and I love it. It was made with less expensive materials, pine instead of hardwood, and a couple other decisions I made that kept cost down. I'm thinking I might be able to make a Leach style Treadle Wheel for about $1000, unfinished. Maybe $1200 painted. Do the wise sages of this ceramics board have any idea if there would be any sort of market for this? Here's my thought. I've always wanted one of these wheels, and my buddy came across some abandoned homemade versions that were all piecemeal and rusted. But I salvaged them and learned how to build the wheel, and it works really well. I finally have my dream wheel, and I didn't have to spend $2500 on it. Maybe there would be more treadlers if the wheel was more affordable? I'd love advice if you are in a helpful and loving spirit. Thanks all!
  3. Hi, I have bought an unbranded wheel from eBay that has an in-line pedal with a handle on it that is fixed to the wheel, the shaft runs through the wheel to the other side. I have a problem in that when the pedal is as far back as it will go the wheel doesn't stop turning. I wondered if anyone here knows of these types of pedals and whether there is a way to adjust it so in its back position the wheel will stop completely? Thanking you in advance, Martin.
  4. I am trying to find a circuit board and pedal for my Pacifica gt400. I have only found one place other than Laguna that sells them. I live in Ohio, so if there are any stores/shops please let me know! All suggestions welcome!
  5. I bought a used Pacifica gt 400 wheel for next to nothing today and it doesn’t work (I knew this when buying it) so I am looking for some advice. Power is on but the wheel doesn’t spin, belts are tight. The motor sounds like it wants to run but it seems to weak to turn. I am open to any ideas! (: I want to get it up and running so I can finally get started on my pottery!
  6. Hi there lovely potters I am based in Auckland, New Zealand. I am in need of some HELP in getting my pottery wheel to work which I bought second hand from ebay. But before buying I didn't check that it is made for US electric requirement of 115v Excitingly I opened up the box and plugged in the wheel, and that's when I realised that it wrong voltage for NZ! I bought the step down transformer from 230 to 115v 500W and hooked up the wheel again, this time the green light on the side of the wheel was lit, but still the wheel was not going. I checked the troubleshooting manual on Shimpo website, it said that if the two LED lights on the circuit board are not lit then the board is faulty. I followed the steps and the LED lights were not lit. But I am still in doubt that if it's a faulty/damaged board or it's something to do with wrong voltage. the seller is absolutely sure that the wheel was perfectly fine when he shipped it. I should also mention that when I first plugged in the wheel without the transformer, there was a small spark on the power socket, But I guess that it may have been the loose adaptor and I hope that I haven't blown off the motor!! Are there any folks out there who have experienced similar situation or have better knowledge of these things? Much appreciate your time. cheers, Hitesh
  7. Hello! I technically will consider myself a beginner, but I am looking to buy a used pottery wheel. I have used a pottery wheel roughly 25 years ago, and I’m sure many advancements have been made. I found one for sale locally, and below is the only info the lady is giving me. I’d like to know if this would be a good purchase. Thanks in advance!! edit: I definitely prefer one that not a tabletop. Not a brand on it anywhere. It looks like a Brent. It is solid, no problems. I just don't use it. I bought it in a buy out from a lady who was retiring in pottery. I am selling the pieces that were in the buy out that I will not be keeping to use. I have a gram scale and lots of chemicals as well.
  8. The forum gods are not being kind to me. I’ve searched and searched this forum as I’m sure there has already been a post with my question, but I cannot find it so here we are... My Pacifica gt400 wheel was acting funny, seemed “weak” and the wheel would slow when centering. Having zero-experience, naturally my first instinct was “I can fix this”, so I started taking the underside of the wheel apart. And look what I found!! Even I know that’s not right!! So I need new belts. 4 of them specifically. I see there are 42” and 50” belts on Laguna’s website. How do you properly measure the belts? Three of my belts were completely broken, so I stretched them out along the tape measure and from broken end to broken end two of them measured 49.85” and the third right at 50”. The fourth one is still on the wheel and I haven’t taken it off. Everything was so sticky. Why are the belts so darn sticky? Anywho, I’m assuming I should order the 42”, belts don’t shrink right? But I want to make sure before I purchase, because they were basically all 50”... and the belts weren’t perfectly sraight, theres a bit of a kink in each, so if they were perfectly straight they’d all be at least 50” I believe... Then that brings me to the final question. How do I put them on and tension them appropriately? But I’ll ask that when I actually have the belts so someone nice can walk me through the process or direct me to Youtube....
  9. I can't believe that it has been nearly 2 years since I was last active here. In that time the family took an adult ed pottery class, started appreciating and collecting other peoples work, and just recently we bought the contents of a defunct ceramic shop. And suddenly I found that we could really use a second wheel to supplement the first wheel I converted to treadmill power. And as is too often the case, I wanted it now, wanted it cheap, and could find absolutely nothing used available within a three state radius. So I made my own. I have been using this now for a couple of weeks and it works fine. If I were to do it over (and i already have plans to do another) I would make the table around the splash pan smaller, probably go three legs rather than 4, and I will likely pick the splash pan or build it and then design the table top specifically with the pan in mind. So after the build I did a quick video to show my results.
  10. Greetings everyone! This is my first post. I'm wanting to start a hobby studio, I've been making pottery for a few months now and think I am ready for a low-cost studio in my small space. I have been online obsessing over different wheels, and have been drawn to the Speedball Artista, considering that I can sometimes find it online for 200-250 dollars. I found a listing that offers an Artista wheel and a Skutt KS-609 ($500 for wheel and kiln, I will have to drive 6-7 hrs to get it too). ​From what I can see, Skutts are great, but I'm worried that this kiln is too small. The big plus ​is that it plugs into a standard 120V outlet (of course, with a dedicated fuse). It has a 9"x11" internal dimension. Anyone have experience with this kiln? Is this a good price for both? What stuff could I fire with it? Thanks for helping me find and finally acquire a wheel and small kiln. -Adam
  11. Hi everyone, I have been doing lots of research around buying my first wheel and need a bit more advice. I have been upping and upping my budget as I researched more but I have reached a max and now, and feel more lost..yet need to make a decision. If anything thought this may be helful info to regroup in one thread. I do intend to keep this wheel for long. I am not able to find any used wheels in my area (IL and surroundings) and don't mind the idea of buying new tbh. I know most advise to get nicer wheel but that is not an option now. I have already pushed my budget. if I find myself at some point absolutely needing a nicer wheel, given the lack of used wheels in my area, I figure i can always resale my lower end one and upgrade fairly easily. I honestly don't anticipate I will. I don't work with more than 3-5 lbs clay at this time and don't expect to go past that for a good while. Started with artista/aspire: too small. Moved up to clayboss, which few loved but was not well rated throughout my research.. Moved on to the following list (ordered by current lower price first) Wondering if the below is accurate and if anyone can comment on pedal feel/precision/speed. 1/Shimpo VL lite: Lots of proponents of the shimpos but feel like it is mostly for the whisper. Some people mentioned that this one was lower quality and maybe not as good as the general shimpo line. A lot mentioned lower torque and possibly straining. Tabletop option. Apparently this one is belt driven vs other shimpo being direct drive. Not sure this truly matters. Pedal speed change less smooth than TS?. Made in China 2a/ Pacifica GT400: a few people mentioned it is quiet and solid and liked theirs. Seem to be used in school but a few recommend strongly against it due to issues with theses. Larger 13" wheel head (all others are 12"). 2 yr warranty only (5 yrs on all others). 2b/TS prodigy: I like the pan design.. No reverse switch, and I feel like I may miss that. Some had noise issues which I am concerned about. Often rated has having better torque than other comparable models. and being generally solid. No free rotation. If it is stopped, it won't move. Pedal less abrupt than whisper. People tend to think it is too big for smaller people (which I am). Do not like the pan design on the higher end models.made in US. 3/Bailey ST: a lot of people seems to like their baileys, I do like the pedal design but it is been commented as not being very sensitive. Not keen on the large pan design. 10 yr warranty on bearings/pedal electronics (5 yrs on the rest). The ST is smaller than the ST-X but also cheaper. I understand at that at a certain point, it would be best to try these... Being in Chicago, I could only find one location with displays and they only have the shimpo. So it not an option apparently....If anyone knows of somewhere I could try the other ones in this list, I would love to know. I have been leaning towards the TS prodigy but I am worried I may regret not having the reverse switch. I feel like I may enjoy having the option as I am sometimes more comfortable with my left hand. Noise issue also a concern. I like quiet. Other choice is the shimpo VS lite, which I will get to try later this week. Any one able to weigh in on this? Anything else I missed as far as differences?
  12. Hey so I'm new to the community but I have a question in regards to my Shimpo west RK-2 potters wheel. I have been searching for bats that will work with my wheel head. the wheel head on the Shimpo RK-2 has bat pin holes that are 8 inches apart but all I am only able to find Bats with Pin holes 10 inches apart. Where can I find Bats with bat pin holes 8 inches apart or find bats with no bat pin holes so that i can drill them myself?
  13. Hello everyone, I am new to the forum here. Last fall, I was given a pottery wheel by one of my mentors. She had it in her basement and hadn't used it for a while. I moved to Nevada and brought it with me, and have not had the chance to use it until now. Well, it works, but the foot pedal is stuck "down." It seems to be too loose, so it just stays "on" from its own weight. But the speeds seem correct otherwise and everything works well aside from the pedal flopping down onto itself to be on high speed all the time. I don't know what model the wheel is, and it used to be in the college she worked at. I have photos of it as well but cannot really find any identifying marks on anything but the motor (Morse). I can see a sticker on the inside of the pedal that looks like instructions on how to adjust it, but there doesn't seem to be a good way for me to open it up. The pedal is totally covered and the one screw that was exposed, I took out, and it didn't do anything. The two holes you can see on the bottom don't lead to any screws or anything inside. I know it is most likely a simple adjustment, but am not sure how to get at it to adjust it. The side bolts where the "hinge" is that turns it are tight, so I can't pry them off or adjust them tighter to try to fix it that way. Any advice?
  14. I'm very excited to purchase my first pottery wheel. I'm looking at the Brent CXC or iex or the Shimpo VL Whisper. Any thoughts on either of these? From everything I have read, they both look like great wheels. I would like comments/reviews from those of you who are much more experienced using electric wheels. Thank you.
  15. I couldn't find anything via search so here it goes! What kind of maintenance should I be doing for my wheel? How often should I get into it and lubricate? It is a Shimpo, the front says 21 century metal traction drive wheel. It had been cleaned and tuned up (bought used at retail) but I have no knowledge of its on going needs, beyond that machinery can't withstand friction without maintence: so clearly, I need to know! I am aware I could call up my clay supplier and ask, however I just don't want to be the obnoxiously needy customer if I can find what I need on my own! 😊
  16. Just picked up this Creative Industries Ci wheel and can't find any info on it? It sits on an orange metal rectangle table with a brown top. It's in excellent, hardly used condition. Motor is strong and smooth... by "RAE"- does anyone know anything about it? I'm going to try to upload a pic... Also, any ideas for a splash guard that might work? I just got a new Brent CXC, as well as a used Brent C in the past month- then came across this and couldn't resist! It's a great wheel, I would just like to know more about it and hopefully get a splash guard because... well, I'm pretty messy, still. Looked for months for a good used wheel and nada! Then broke down and purchased a new one... now, I'm a beginner with 3 wheels and limited skills- hah! I'd be thrilled with any info you have to share... Thanks! Lj
  17. I'm new here. I have just pickup a wheel, but can't find any information about on the web. It is a "The Max Wheel" Model 1500 made by "The Max Corporation" out of Washington D.C.. It's made out of heavy duty aluminium (weight a lot). It appears to have been built to handle a lot of clay. I'm trying to repair it and would like more info about it. Any leads would be greatly appreciate.
  18. Easy to guess from the title, but I am looking to buy a used wheel. I looked through the FAQ links and didn't get as clear of an answer as I'd like, so here I go! I've been working on a loaner from some friends who where generous enough to offer it up when they heard I wanted to start throwing again, but they will need it back in a few weeks. I remember using Brent wheels in school, as well as a Lockberbie kick wheel with a motor hookup but that is quite a long time ago! What models have you personally tried? What did you like or dislike? What wheel do you prefer to work on? If you could have any wheel, what would you choose any why? Also are there any wheels you have tried but didn't enjoy, and if so, why? Any that have major faults, or that should be on a "don't buy" list? I know a lot of it boils down to preference and working style, but it's a bit mind boggling without more information! It seems like most of the branded used equipment I've seen is Shimpo or Brent, so comparison between those two companies qualities and advantages would also be helpful.
  19. Hi Everyone, I found a Brent C pottery wheel that is about 20 years old for $500. I was told it was only used about 20 times. Can anyone tell me the upgrades Brent has done to their wheels since then? Are the newer Brent wheels better made? Is this a good deal? Thanks in Advance!
  20. Hi my trusty Gladstone wheel ( am in Ireland) is about 3rd hand (that I know of..) developed a slight tilt..took off the wheel head and can see slight shiny circular band where the flat axle top ( see photo) has been rubbing against the wheel head socket (see photo). Does seem to have been axle grease there but not much left...No washer of any description used.. Never had any problem before and never checked it as was no need to! Anyone got any suggestions? Would putting a rubber washer or more axle grease on it, rectify the problem? or has the wheel head metal been worn so wheel head needs to be replaced? Any advice or suggestions much appreciated
  21. I have an Estrin pottery wheel with a large steel fly wheel driven by a rubber drive disc attached to an electric motor via a 5/8inch shaft. Where can I buy these drive discs? It was manufactured in BC. It works fine but I always think ahead. I trained on one of these 40 years ago so it has nostalgic appeal.
  22. Hi All, I'm a new member on this forum and wanted to ask your opinion which pottery wheels would be the best choice for clay workshop with children? I' setting up a new studio where I will teach children's and adult's groups pottery. I appreciate any suggestion. Thank you, Olga Blushtein www.artisto.ca
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