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Found 30 results

  1. With several threads relating to this issue where does the line get drawn between copying and an artist's right to their intellectual property right. Do you respect that line? I think it can be a hard call when so many people do workshop and willingly share their knowledge. Others work hard to develop a marketable process and don't want to share. How do you determine the difference? Marcia
  2. The question should be What IS your throwing position. Couldn't edit it. Sorry. I am building some new stools for my studio after studying Pietro's at La Meridiana. I will paint them tomorrow and add a cushion. The cool thing about these stools is a storage bin under the seat, adjustable height in the legs, AND if you reverse the lid , the angle is good for your back. So my question of the week is: what are you sitting on when throwing? Got any clever tips for back aches?
  3. While with the group in Italy we saw some ancient bricks in Theodoric's palace in Ravenna and we start discussing the size kiln needed for production. I have seen Roman kilns for roof tiles and they are very large. Some of the people thought this question may bring up some lively discussion. I have also seen some colored (red, black and beige) coil chinks in the walls of Jericho in a museum somewhere decades ago. These too would have been fired but without such a large kiln. So add your thought to this idea. Marcia PS I am home after 20 hours of traveling and a month away.will post some pictures
  4. There is lots of discussion here about easy, fairs, gallery contracts etc. Let's hear your opinions with some explanation as to why you prefer the venue you do.
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