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  1. What is the most unconventional item you have ever used to decorate or create a piece of clay art?We talk a lot about decorating. Now there are all types of commercial stamps and roulettes available. Do you have any unique tools you've have been using to decorate your work like seed pods, buttons, bric-a-brac? If you can show us a sample 50k pic. but not necessary. Marcia
  2. You are or should be your best and toughest critic. How hard are you on yourself? How do you grow into your own aesthetic? Function is a standard as we can refer to Robin Hopper's analysis to form , weight, balance, in Functional Pottery as well as look at classical pottery from long traditions in ceramics: Asian, African, European, the Americas. were presented: Some great points were presented by Sammule in the previous discussion on the "worst critique you ever have": "think aesthetics regarding to proportions. Do the parts harmonize with each other compared to CLASSIC models or ar
  3. We are well into the new year. Have you shaken off the holidays and started beck in earnest to get your plans going? Are you stocked up? Some new ideas draw up and in your studio? What are you doing to get going?I am preparing for a workshop nearby and will be doing some demos prior to the big firing day. This gives me an excuse to experiment on small pieces in a wide variety. I love teaching! Marcia
  4. There are many platforms with various stages of potters and ceramic artists online and on Facebook. We have a little community here with some very helpful dialogue, tech assistance, moral support. What have you gotten from this forum that you feel has been the most valuable? Please explain how something has helped, turned on a light bulb, inspired and pushed you forward. Marcia
  5. This is a bit different than resolutions. Do you want to give a new technique a try? Do you plan to make a workshop? See a show? Step back and rethink forms, ideas,glazes? January is usually a downtime month starting all over again. What's on your mind? Marcia
  6. The New Year is a time to reflect on the previous year and plan for the New Year. What have you overcome or accomplished this year? Have you set any goals for the new year? Marcia
  7. Tyler gave an excellent self review of personal conflicts in struggling for a true identity of one's work in the Aesthetic topic. It is well thought out. We live in a globally aware environment. How do we claim an identity in our work? Marcia
  8. Much of our discussion from the leap thread focused on the ability to create pieces we enjoy making. Have you noticed if you are sharing your exuberance with your clients? Marcia
  9. As we are wrapping up the year, looking back did you experience any great moments in you growth or development in your work? Did any light bulbs go on? Any ah hah! moments. Marcia
  10. We are always looking for things that the membership would like to see happen in Potters Council benefits. It is an open deadline. You can send suggestions into our staff person, Carolyn Dorr, through the PC website. There are already many popular benefits such as health insurance, shipping, discounts on conferences, books and magazines, online gallery, directory, etc. We strive to make things better for the membership.Currently there is a two for one membership offer.- Not a bad Holiday present. Go to: http://ceramicartsdaily.org/potters-council/ Marcia
  11. What gets you back in the studio faster? New ideas, Throwing, sculpting, glazing or firing. For example, I love experimenting with firing. That means make more pots so I can fire . What gets you going? Marcia
  12. As we work in clay, it can be hard on the body. How do you treat aches and pains, avoid running into problems, or nurse ailments 'til better? Marcia
  13. How quickly do you get rid of failures? Do you hold on for a while to study why they failed. Do you get the hammer? Marcia
  14. What part of the satisfies you most? Opening a glaze firing? Sitting down and throwing a flawless shape? Mastering some new technique? Developing a great design? Explain please. Marcia
  15. Everyone has different skill sets and approaches to their work. For you, what do you find to be the most challenging part of working with clay? Marcia
  16. Where do you find your source for information? You tubes, internet, magazines...which ones, workshops? school? What do you do when you hit a road block? How do you solve the problem. Where do you find help? Have you studied in school or at a center? Do you have local help or community support available? Marcia
  17. Have you everyone a crazy experiment? What were you thinking? What happened? Did you proceed from there or forget about it? marcia
  18. How would you describe your current studio and is it satisfying what you want or are you fulfilling what you can under the circumstances? Could you describe your firing capabilities as well? Marcia
  19. Many times people post requests for helping decide which wheel , kiln, slab roller they should buy. What is or are the most important consideration(s) to you when you are selecting a purchase of a specialized piece of equipment? Marcia
  20. As Fall is usually a big season for sales, do you have any professional goals for this upcoming season? Are you gearing up to try something new? Do you want to hit a certain stride in your work? Let's hear it! Marcia
  21. How much testing or tweaking are you doing? Do you use software or making educated guesses. Ian Currie's grid process is a good example of getting lots of info from simple alterations of materials. If you are using software. What software are you using? What are you firing? What are you striving for? Marcia
  22. Our home is our intimate space. If you could have only one piece of art on display in your home what piece would it be? Marcia
  23. Much discussion goes on here about being left handed or right handed and needing wheels in the correct direction. I am dominantly left-handed, but I work with both hands. My left hand is on the inside when I am throwing. I still feel in control. Wheel goes counter clockwise. I have been throwing since 1967 or 47 years. I am convince you need control in both hands to throw. Can anyone share their thoughts on this for those newbies who worry about the direction of the wheel. Marcia
  24. With several threads relating to this issue where does the line get drawn between copying and an artist's right to their intellectual property right. Do you respect that line? I think it can be a hard call when so many people do workshop and willingly share their knowledge. Others work hard to develop a marketable process and don't want to share. How do you determine the difference? Marcia
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