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Found 31 results

  1. So, right after Christmas, I get a call asking me to make 60 mugs for a conference.It's a teachers conference starting today. They wanted to give two matching mugs for each speaker. I have dealt with this man over the years, and he is very reliable with payment. Here's the problem; we were all still in holiday mode. I had just gotten back from Cuba. Steve, my firing partner had just gotten back from Arizona. I did have about the right number of pots bisqued, but no way could we fill a 40 cubic ft. kiln in such a short turn around time. Three potters jumped on our wheels in an attempt to fill a kiln load in time to get this order out. I made 12 collanders-5lbs each with saucers, another run of mugs, medium bowls.We got another potter that we show with to bring pots. We got a student from the pottery co-op.We got that baby loaded. Then one burner would not light. Not ever. Call the plumber. We lost a day there. So he picked up the pots Monday evening, hot out of the kiln. He took 65 mugs,a jug, two plates,a big bowl,a Majolica jar I had lying around,two large mugs, and two beakers. I feel a bit violated, as my studio is now bereft of work. I did not get a chance to look at most of those pieces. Do you have a pottery sale horror story? This one actually turned out well. Let's hear yours. Tom.
  2. From the album: Work in Progress

    I had drawn up this slip trailing design, then wanted to try it out on different shapes of mug to see which one I like best. The good news is, I really like the design. The bad news is, I still couldn't tell you which one I like better! The branch goes up from the bottom on one side of the handle and down from the top on the other side so no matter where you look at the mug you get a different view every time.

    © Giselle Massey, Giselle No. 5 Handmade, all rights reserved

  3. Every potter invariably has a cup or mug that just hasn’t sold. While it may be beautifully unique and stands out as a little different from the rest of your pieces, it just hasn’t found it’s home. I invite you to submit such a cup to Finding Forever 2014: Giving Voice to the Children of Foster Care. The event will take place in November and December 2014 in Greenfield, Massachusetts. Each cup or mug will represent a child currently in the foster care system. Each cup will be priced at $50. When sold $20 will go to the artist, $20 to the Massachusetts Adoption Resource Exchange, and $10 will go towards the execution of the event. Please consider participating in this effort. Feel free to contact me should you have any additional questions about the event. All potters will be paid for their work when sold and there is no fee to participate. I'd love to have all of the fifty states represented! The prospectus is attached. More info is on our website, www.findingforeverexhibition.org Looking forward to hearing from folks! Pam Kinsmith FF prospectus2.pdf FF prospectus2.pdf
  4. Hello potter community! I'm trying to figure out how to attach a chunk of antler (sustainably sourced, of course) to the side of a stein to act as the handle. I've never done anything like this before, so I'm feeling really cluless as to the best way to go about it. Currently I have two lugs coming off the stein (top and bottom) and I was thinking of fastening the handle to the mug with leather strings that tied around the lugs and the antler. I'm making them for a medieval themed event. Is there a better/more professional way to go about this? I have been unsuccessful with trying to find tutorials online for this.. I've attached some photos of what I've got thus far.. they're still greenware so there's room to change things. Thanks in advance for your insight! Cheers! Erin Tiny Cat Pottery
  5. I have been making medallion mugs for a short time now. By a medallion mug, I mean: rolling out a thin slab, using a round cookie cutter to cut out a small blank medallion, stamping an image (usually a logo) into the blank medallion, attaching it to a leather hard mug. My mugs are OK, but I need to take them to the next level since I am getting some good sized orders. My main problem is getting a nice even edge around the medallion after I attach it. Any suggestions, or better yet, instruction videos out there? I have learned basically by trial and error (mostly error). I tried to post a photo, but this blog will not accept that large of an attachment. Thanks, Jim
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