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Found 6 results

  1. While looking into shrinkage rates and cracks and plasticity I found a picture I immediately recognised. This picture exactly matches something I've encountered. I thought maybe it was the result of some 60 mesh silica sand I was trying but now I suspect not. As someone looking for any clue along the way this small tidbit helps a bit. Thanks Tony and anyone else at Digitalfire.
  2. Dear all This is my first post here, having been a lurking reader for a while. I would like to suspend some coarse particulates in a porcelain slip. I am intrigued by the coarse feldspar inclusions in some Japanese wood fired pottery. I have tried adding coarse inclusions in a porcelain body, which fired well but the large chunks got in the way of my preferred style of handbuilding and surforming the surface. I now want to try to add these particulates in a porcelain slip that I can apply to my pots by dipping. Does anyone have any tricks on how to suspend larger particu
  3. Guest

    ClayAlteration ForGlazeNerd

    From the album: Images For Misc. Posts

    This photo is for GlazeNerd.......... showing how I "ruin" a nice commercial clay body for woodfiring.
  4. Hi everyone, I've been throwing for a little while now and bought a wheel to keep practicing. I'm working towards a raku fire next month so have been working with a fine grogged raku clay. I can't seem to centre more than 550g of clay on my wheel without it slipping from the center of the wheel. I'm using particle board bats. Not sure if i'm using too much/not enough water, wheel is too slow. Any help to prevent slipping when centering would be great. Thanks
  5. Originally published in February 2019 issue of Ceramics Monthly, pages 66,67, & 68. http://www.ceramicsmonthly.org . Copyright, The American Ceramic Society. Reprinted with permission." techno File section: Clay Body Shopping Nerd
  6. I'm wondering if I should expect to encounter any problems in the firing or drying stage if, with the exact same base body, I use a very highly grogged core but use an ungrogged version of the same body for, say, the last eigth to quarter of an inch of the form. I can't think of any plausible reason why it wouldn't work if dried patiently, but being a sculptor, and not a potter, I thought it was worth asking those who know.
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