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  1. From the album: MOAR STUFFS

    This bowl was a process, to say the least. I threw it with whiteware clay, messed with the rim, and covered it completely with black slip. Then, I carved the dragon. I bisqued it, and since carving all those scales took away all of my sanity, I underglazed color onto the bisque, and re-bisqued it. Covered in shiny clear and fired to ^04. Dang thing had little crawl spots, grrr...re-fired to ^03 after adding a bit more glaze to the bald spots. Voíla! Sold it a few years ago for a stupidly low $150... *facepalm* I'dve charged four times that if I was thinking straight. Live and learn!

    © Sarah Alderete

  2. From the album: MOAR STUFFS

    I used my reclaimed terracotta and whiteware mix for this and slopped on white slip for the cute bun.

    © Sarah Alderete

  3. From the album: MOAR STUFFS


    © Sarah Alderete & Square/Enix

  4. From the album: MOAR STUFFS

    A memorial bowl of a lady's beloved bunny, Cinderella. Fired to ^03.
  5. From the album: MOAR STUFFS

    Urns are always difficult for me. My animals are beloved members of my family, so making urns is really hard for me to do. However, it always really humbles me to know my work can aid someone in their grieving process. Max was the best friend of a boy of three until he was sixteen, so this piece had to be very, very special. Fired to ^03.

    © Sarah Alderete

  6. From the album: MOAR STUFFS

    Meet Max, the polydactyl cat. He has lots of toes and a squishy belly. Fired to ^03.

    © Sarah Alderete

  7. From the album: RV gallery

    Plate - May/June 2014

    © RV Ceramics

  8. From the album: The Guinea Potter's Stuff

    This is my precious girl, Malutka. I was sad to sell this...I love this cutie!

    © Sarah Alderete

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