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Found 3 results

  1. I've filed my votes for the new members of the Potters Council Advisory Board. Have YOU? best, ........................john
  2. Hi all Potters Council members. It is that time of year again. Annual elections. We need your suggestions for potential candidates for the coming Advisory Board elections. We need to fill one general Board seat, and the Chair Elect position. Of course these folks need to be current paid members... so the Nominating Committee will check about any suggestions made to be sure that is the case. They also need to have the kind of experience and leadership skills that one would expect a Board member to have. And they have to be willing to serve, and have the time to serve. Think about whom you would like to see heading the organization as the new Chair (after one year's experience as Chair Elect). Think about who would make a good general Board member. Then get those ideas to me ASAP. Email to >>>> JBaymore ( the AT sign) compuserve.com. And yes... you can nominate yourself. If you are embarrased to do that.... have a friend do it. One of the Nominating Committee 's jobs is to then take the list of potential candidates put forth by the current Board members and the membership, and if it is too large to make a reaonable slate of candidates for an effective voting process, narrow it down to the "best of the best". ASAP up there means in the next TWO DAYS. Don't procrastinate. "Do or do not... there is no try." - Yoda THANKS! best, ....................john Chair; Nominating Committee
  3. Just a little FYI here .......... to keep you a little aware of the behind the scenes work that goes on. Last night (10/16/13) the Potters Council Advisory Board met in a hour and fourty five minute tele-conference meeting. Keeping the organization moving along. best, ......................john
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