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  1. thanks for this bill, i may just be in touch sometime! my husband is pretty handy, he's already planning on building me a kiln controller to save the $$ on buying a new one, now i have another project for him. we've been discussing different ideas on how to do it, my main concern being that the kids will be out there w/ me sometimes and i was worried about the fumes. but sounds like what you came up w/ isn't that different than the store bought ones so i'm thinking it should be ok so long as the joints are tight and there's no leakage. how do you keep the extraction box secured to the bottom
  2. has anybody made their own kiln vent? we're in the process of putting my studio into one of the bays of our garage. there's no room for a separate kiln room and i was planning on putting in a kiln vent on my kiln anyway. but i'm wondering if i can make my own vent or would it be better to buy one? i'll be working out there when the kiln is firing, and it's possible my kids would be w/ me too.
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