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  1. Thanks for the advice regarding uploading my pics. It worked. Don't know if they will help with any advice?
  2. I am trying to repair a potters wheel that has stopped working and need some help please. The machine has no maker's name. There is a plate with the following details: HP 0.25, Volts 240, Phase 1, Model 4. It then says to quote the S/no 19877 if ordering spares. Who from?? The drive motor is by Sew-Tric Ltd. of London. and is 240 v AC, 5000rpm, 188 W.out, Type R2, Class 1. There is also a number on the motor plate that appears to be RL001440. The motor controller has a circuit board with the words "SPEED CON DEEL" on the back of it. There is a glass component that appears to have blown as it is very black inside the glass. I really don't know what I'm looking at here and don't know how to upload pics to this forum. Any help would be very gratefully received. Thanks, Terry.
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