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  1. Hello all I have just taken the plunge and bought my first kiln, its a little electric Paragon E12, its a whopping 57cm X 30cm externally. The dealer that sold it to me has repeated that, because this is a mini kiln, I do not need to worry about kiln fumes and gases, and that it is safe to use in the home with little clearance and without venting. He convinced me it would be safe to use in our spare room. However I cannot stop reading about kiln safety am really uncomfortable and paranoid with this. Especially as next year I will have a baby in the house, I'm obviously not going to take any risks. I was just wondering if anybody had experience with these little electric kilns and can attest that this advice is true? My alternative option is to put the kiln outside in some sort of storage container near the external power outlet. I was wondering if anybody had done anything simmilar and had any advice on how best to do this without letting the weather the kiln? Any advice would be really appreciated! :)
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