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  1. 73% SiO2 in the clay, 40% chamotte. I will test the overfiring but let me know if you think there is a chance these 2 will never work because of the silica. Thanks!
  2. Thanks Hulk! Overfiring might be the problem and the blue in the glaze is more affected by high temperature. The circles are not gas since they are still covered in glaze left transparent. Gas circles make deep holes in the glaze, at least in my experience.
  3. Hi Babs, I'll bisque at higher temp next time. I was in a rush now and since the plate is only glazed on the inside I risked. The circles are not from gas because they are glazed with glossy glaze. Now that you mentioned it, I think the end temperature+ 30 min. soaking might be a problem. The point in the middle of the circle looks like burnt blue glaze pigment crawled together but something transparent from the glaze covers the circle. I have a last glazed but unfired plate that I will fire lower, at 1130 deg C with a soak of 30 to see what happens. Will let you know. Thank you so much for your time!
  4. Hello everyone, I have a problem with one new glaze I want to use and I could use some advice on how to fix this problem. I bisquefired at 800, than wiped the plate, than poured the glaze in and emptied the plate right away. Looked perfectly even. I've let it dry, fired it at 1160 with a soak of 30 minutes. The maximum temperature of the glaze is 1170. When I got the plates out of the kiln, all of them had round empty circles with something in the middle that seem to be a grain of overfired glaze. Why is this happening? What am I missing? I do not think it is crawling because I've diluted the glaze and the same thing happened. I've also used another type of clay and the result was the same. The glaze was sieved when I've mixed it water. It is a commercial glaze, I do not understand glaze chemistry although I wish I do. Please let me know if someting similar happened to you and how did you solve the problem. Thanks!
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