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  1. Thank you Min! The community in this forum is amazing. I will look into iron oxide. That would look really nice as an alternative to just black underglaze.
  2. Thank you so much Mark for all of this info! I love seeing all these beautiful fish prints on his website, especially some favorites of mine like the brown trout and striped bass. And yes, it sounds like I'll have to make a print of the fish on paper first, then make an underglaze transfer out of it. I have a friend in Hawaii that does gyotaku so I can start with some of his black/white scans.
  3. Hello All! I have a weird question. I'm looking to do a print of an actual fish on bisqueware, then fire the cup or bowl to cone 6. After capturing the print, I would like to eat the fish so it doesn't go to waste. I was originally thinking about using Mayco's velvet underglaze to use as "ink" then wash it off after printing. However, I don't think that would be very food safe, especially if I'm doing a lot of pieces like this. Does anyone have experience with some kind of food safe ink (in it's liquid form and fired form) that will last a firing? I know fish printing experts (gyotaku) use india ink so that the fish can be consumed afterwards. Thank you in advance for any input! Troy
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