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  1. I just heard back form Paul Miller at glaze21.org. He said there was not enough monetary support for the site. It's really too bad as I do know many people who would pay for access to a searchable database!
  2. I agree with you Kabe, it is so time consuming digging through every post. There used to be a fantastic glaze database that I loved to use (www.glaze21.org). I can no longer find it or any info on what happened to it. It was searchable on multiple levels (ex: cone 6, yellow, matte, opaque). I have tried to contact the person to see if they needed help/donations but have not been able to reach him. Oh well, I guess we will keep plugging along. I do many, many tests and having a database does not change that. As stated above every firing/kiln produces different results, but it's great to have another direction to test when you're at your wit's end! LOL!
  3. I love this robin's egg blue! It is buttery matte/satin and opaque. Nepheline Syenite 60 ball clay OM4 8 lithium carb 1 strontium carb 22 flint 9 add copper carb 1.5 titanium dioxide 3
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