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  1. After many years of focusing on teaching and raising kids I am now able to focus my attention in becoming a professional ceramic artist. I know the chemistry, the clay body all that technical info. Im having trouble narrowing down how many glazes I want in my line. I have settled that I will change things up every season, keeping a few signature glaze combinations, but I want my work to look cohesive and collective. This is how my brain needs to function as I have a tendency to ADHD all over the place but I know if I can create some parameters for myself then I can focus in and really create beautiful work. That being said...is there a magic number of glaze options you offer when selling your work? Part of my work is done with underglaze and I already planned those glazes out, but the other items that I plan on NOT using underglaze with I have way too many combinations I love and I really need to pare it down so I don't waste too much money as I am starting over again...its been about 15 years since I sold my pottery. I feel like an amateur all over again! Any ideas or suggestions on how YOU decide how many glazes to offer?
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