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  1. Hi! I have a (pretty old) second hand kiln that I tried to heat up today - just to test if the elements work - and, surprise surprise, absolutely nothing happened. As I say, the kiln seems pretty old and I expected it to struggle a little bit but to not even try to heat up... Does that mean there's probably a different issue other than the elements just being old and a bit worn out? Would even old elements do something? Any suggestions on where I could start with the troubleshooting? Thank you!
  2. Hi, @AmberLauren! I can't believe we have the same kiln. I've not been able to find any one else who's even heard of 'Arterial Engineering Works' so far! I didn't get a manual for the kiln but I found the manual for my control panel (IPCO 3300) relatively easily and that's all I've really needed so far. Did your kiln come with a control panel? I was reallllllly lucky as mine came with the panel, the (damaged) thermocouple and an industrial circuit breaker. When I was sorting out the thermocouple (I'd only learnt what one was ten minutes before my original post!) I ended up sending photos to 'Peak Sensors' and explaining what I needed and they worked out the rest. I posted my old thermocouple to them and they reused all the parts of it they could salvage but I think it probably cost me about the same as if I'd bought a new one in the end, including postage etc. I know it's an industrial Type R but it also has a ceramic sheath around the wire - that can withstand the top temps of the kiln - and is the right length so as to reach but not be too in the way (can you tell I had a lot of fun trying to figure all this out with them? They were SO helpful...and patient). I'll attach a photo of my order so you can swot up a little bit but what I WILL say is the diameter of the ceramic sheath was sliiightly too big so I've had to make the hole a bit bigger (just the fire brick at the top) to allow it to drop down all the way to the flange/collar and sit flush with the top of the kiln. And here's the diagram they sent me: Am I making this less or more confusing? As for wonderful creations...none yet. Life's been a bit hectic recently BUT it works! I've switched it on and everything seems to be in working order. I've just ordered myself some cones to monitor heat work and see just how hot it'll go (the elements are OLD) which, knowing my luck, will reveal a whole host of new problems and things to learn about but fingers crossed we'll be making stuff in the next couple of weeks. I hope some of this was useful and not completely overwhelming. Hopefully we can help each other out in the future now we've found someone with twin kilns! Good luck! Here to (try to) answer any other questions you have.
  3. Just a hole in the door: As for the sides they seem like pretty thin sheets - I don't think they have any structural use. They're welded on to a much more substantial frame:
  4. Not exactly related but... The sides of the kiln are rusted through - you can see through to the brick on both sides. I was wondering how much of an issue this is (would it cause heat loss, is it dangerous? etc.) and how easy to fix it would be. How hot is the outside of the kiln likely to get? Could I repair it using heat resistant glue and steel sheets? Also thank you so so much, @Chilly for recommending Peak Sensors. They've been absolutely brilliant so far!
  5. Thank you so much, this has all been really helpful! UPDATE The controller is set up to use an 'R' type thermocouple. I took the back off to check how it's connected: I can only seem to find thermocouples with plugs online. Would it be as simple and removing the plug, stripping the wire and connecting it up?
  6. I haven't been able to get in touch with the manufacturer so far. I know the thermocouple is 12" in length and have found something I believe is similar online: https://www.bathpotters.co.uk/type-r-thermocouple-with-cable-and-plug What difference do the various types (K, R, S etc.) make? Sorry, I really am new to this kiln business Here is the damaged thermocouple: Thank you!
  7. I'm a total novice where kilns are concerned so you're going to have to be patient with me... I recently got my first kiln (Arterial Engineering Works Ltd. 1AS 1 phase - front loader) with an Ipco 3300 controller. The controller is showing the 'open' error message. I believe this is an error concerning the thermocouple. If so, would any replacement thermocouple do or do I need to find something specifically for my kiln model? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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