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  1. So this question is strictly about the effects of different vent systems with electric kilns in tweaking depth and color of glazes . It assumes studio safety venting already handled. I also appriciate there are many recipes and techniques with glazes to obtain certain effects Given that some of the variables in glaze texture is heat, cool down and oxygen or lack of, i was wondering about the effects of the different vent systems . updraft, down draft, positive and negative drafts..wow, so many variables. So for those running both vent types (up\downdraft), do you find running the various draft systems together or independently through the firing stages helps in creating more depth and texture to the various recopies? With overhead vents, does setting the vent fan to be a positive\negative draft yield different results? It seems there are so many combinations one could use, what have you found to be the best setup for pushing the spectrum in electric kilns? Also to help slow cool down, outside of the controller box programs, is there such a thing as a kiln blanket to help slow the loss of heat. If so, is it a safe & useful thing to use? Appreciate all input and knowledge as a result of your trials with "99 way not to make a light bulb"
  2. Hulk, i have to laugh as i too am a material pack rat. I loved the links both you and Min sent. In the age of everyone has a keyboard, website and self proclaimed experts it great to have recommended and respected links\information. Thanks Min, the reclaim method and resulting fun project from rat city is great! It fits in well with our long range vision of turning our outdoor garden into a destination stop instead of a traditional retail store
  3. Two part question. Knowing zilch about glazing, other than assuming its all about heat\ time\material, i started my reading "Amazing Glaze" by Gabriel Kline, as i am a book nut. So the first thing that popped out that i had not really thought through waste recycling. We live semi rural and figured my clay wash outs can just go on my gravel drive. When i got to the bit about glaze and all the variations of toxic components, it got my attention. Waste Recycling: It seems one method is to trap material and create a "mystery glaze". Would love your input on how you collect and handle waste material. I am particularly interested in methods that keep everything on site but still safe for all. We have pets, water well and neighbors with the same. Recommended Reads: Also interested in good reference\reads particularly regarding firing\glaze techniques. Primary interest is with electric but also want to explore flame\burial type techniques as they carry over into my flame copper coloring world. Thanks again to all
  4. Hi Mark, Yup i just picked up 4 strips of 10,000 lums for a 25'x 50' x 16' h barn. I was stunned how well the LED lit it up. They cost me $20 a strip from Menard's 5 yr warrenty
  5. LeeU statement of "I have lost so much ability (physical/cognitive) that I can't get back to where I once was. So, my present place is some "other direction". At the moment, I'm just looking to satisfy myself" really hits home with me. I have little background in ceramics, however a career in metal working. When i first started my metal work, it was all about exact spec..like down to .001" tolerances. I then began repairing vintage art pieces as well as making pieces for Columbus Museum of Art. My wife as an artist, is very free flowing. Her circles, in my book were more like ellipses (we always call it "designer math"). When life dealt its cards that put me into the same category that LeeU spoke of, i found new freedoms in "just not caring" if something was no longer in spec. Yes, i still want to be able to control my mediums, but at the same time, artistic variation is what makes unique hand crafted versus stamped out reproduction. I re-aligned my customer base to those that appreciated one of a kind uniqueness. My world of medium and creation has greatly expanded. I particularly love "voodoo" art..ie only general science behind it. I love flame coloring of cooper, metal spinning and the look forward to the intrigue of mystical glaze remnant mixes, burial firing. I believe you have to have the honest conversation with yourself as to which style energizes your own creativity and interest. From there, make sure the customer understands and is interested in the same end result. These days I make what i want, if someone likes it, they buy it. Otherwise i gift it to my daughter..lol I do believe you have to look at it like any art...be it music, literature etc. Do you want to be a Grisham who cranks out very good but predictable recipe novels or a David Bowie who constantly pushed his artistic envelope and growth and surprised his fans with something new. Neither is wrong as long as its honest and you give it your heart and soul.
  6. Neiestrick, point taken, however my snowblower is a bobcat so it would never fit..lol. I just hate going through the effort and then later saying.."if i just had more space"..which seems to be my mantra. I am quite good at stuffing 20#'s of in a 5# bag but am getting a bit to tired, fat and clumsy to be dancing between tight spaces. I find its cheaper to go big the first time instead of having to do it twice. Guess its like buying a kiln to small.
  7. The older i get, the more of this i want
  8. Yup, another kiln room thread. So if you had no constraints, what would your ideal kiln room footprint look like? Have read the threads on firewall material, vents etc, so this is more about what you overlooked with footprint\construction design you wished you had accounted for. Basing my interest on (1) 7 cu ft (with over head and down draft venting) and coming up with a 10 x 12' type size with ceiling height probably on a pitch ranging from 10' -12'. Ceiling heights never seemed to be discussed. overall room size and ceiling height for environmental control, air replenishment, accommodation for shelving, shop vac etc. Is a larger room & high head room necessarily better? exterior wall material & insulation regarding inside condensation Would you have your wheel in the same or adjacent space (assuming a non-production studio). Do you wish you had water available in the room? Space dedicated to shelving overhead lighting in regards to heat additional things that get overlooked
  9. No truer statement has ever been said..but it also the difference of doing for yourself as opposed to others. Owning both your successes and mistakes is the reason your statement is so true.
  10. Hey Roberta, That is good to know..any suggestions you have to fine tune the kiln is welcomed. As to the shop, there is another wing that runs the length + a 25 x 50 building and yup, all full. We are currently discussing a way to economically add a kiln room. Of course one solution would be to start selling off equipment, but that would take all the fun out of being a hoarder and making my daughter have to deal with disposal when i kick it. Maybe she could "fire me" in the kiln for one last burn
  11. First thanks to all (Neilstrick, Bill Kielb, Dick White, Pres, Hulk) for your help, guidance and knowledge. We settled on the e23t. Since it was on the floor with the stock DynaTrol the genesis upgrade would be standard price. My fingers have all my prints burned off from welding and are so callused that touch screens have fits with me. So going to roll with that and see how it goes. Currently i have an overhead that is in fact the one that fits the kiln. My first thought on the downdraft was that it a vendor "money trick", but after reading more in depth i see that each vent system has their own purpose and advantages. Looking at the threads on this site, seems like many use both over head and down draft. Just checking if that still is the optimum as i do plan to work in my shop during possible firing cycles. Since i can do sheet metal work, i am entertaining the thought of making my own down draft system. The mystery to me was the collection box, but seems to be really just a point of vent\kiln\air collection and mixture. Sometimes its easier to just buy but seems they are pricey. Thoughts?? So on a side note, since the kiln was on the retail store without boxing i was fretting over how to best pack it. Well, i use these agricultural pallets to store and move my firewood (each pallet holds 1/2 cord). The pallets have a strong plastic forklift base and aluminum removable caging. Pallet on weights approx 20-30#'s so easy to handle. Turns out the footprint was perfect for the pallet and offered kiln and pallet tie down points. Road like a champ hrs down the freeway at, umm, freeway speed
  12. I appreciate everyone has parameters to work within. Personally (and professionally as a metal fab guy) i hate roof racks. I have had lots of people ask for repairs to their cars due to tears from the racks. Granted there are many types but they are all pulling against something structural on the body. Being up high, the stress increases, vehicles can become top heavy and in wind guests can become quite exciting to drive. not to mention just a pita to load\unload. I also ride motorcycles and was following a guy in Va that launched one of his kayak off his suv roof. As it went sailing past my head, i thought, wow that was interesting. So to the last reason i hate em is you can't see your load. It was 3 miles until i could catch the guy to let him know he lost a boat. I would instead, look at a small pull behind utility trailer. Many vehicles can be fitted to tow them, they are inexpensive and will haul more and make loading\unloading easier (not to mention flexible to switch out vehicles down the road).
  13. I have to say I have been open to cash discounts due to credit card fees and hassles associated with system security running credit cards...but i will pen check the cash. Regardless of the CC processing center, just the pci compliance work required made that my full time job. I finally ditch CC and did cash or check with ID (and customer had to pass the gut check). Consumers really dont understand all the hassles and responsibilities that fall back on the seller.I do always ask private business if they prefer cash or CC. Most of the time cash is the answer, and many times they will give me a discount, However i never EXPECT it. And yes when someone starts telling me how to do it, how long and thats to much...my response generally 1) educate about handcrafted vs stamped out production. If that doesn't sink in, then i thank them for their interest and send them down the road. Qty discount ...takes me just as long to make 1 or 100 1's unless there is a repeatable "jig\setup process" that i can discount.
  14. once again, a big thanks to the sharing of your knowledge. Lines up with what the vendor was saying...buy we all know sellers will tell you anything you want to hear
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