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  1. I saw that- I also like that the thermocouples are covered, seems like a smart design element.
  2. Thats reassuring- thanks for the input!
  3. Thanks, I'm definitely going to be doing that.
  4. Thats a great idea! I haven't actually been up there before but I was looking around their website to see what they sold. With that said, I think i'm going to be purchasing from Clayworks up in Baltimore- they deliver and they also have a sale going at the moment.
  5. Thank you for all the responses! This was really helpful and I'm going to go with an L&L- probably the e23T. Cant decide if I should go touchscreen or not, I keep flip flopping on that. The app and what not seems really handy but at the same time maybe its overkill and maybe the regular control panel will hold up better over the years. At this point i'm probably overthinking it.
  6. Hi all, Im in the process of setting up a home studio and am trying to decide on an electric kiln to purchase but am stuck between L&Ls and Skutts. I have some experience firing electric kilns from when I was an undergrad student and I believe the kilns the studio had were L&Ls-which I liked just fine. From what i've gathered it seems like some potters really like L&L kilns, however I see A LOT of Skutt kilns being used. Im at a bit of a lose and am curious what others would say in regards to pros and cons of both. Whichever one i go with I do plan on getting the 3'' brick option. To me the pros of the L&L kiln are the covered thermocouples, the hard element holders, and the toggle switch. The pros of the Skutts are the touchscreen with app ( for monitoring a firing- aka peace of mind), the lid lifter, and from what i can tell it seems like the sections of the kiln snap together so potentially less heat would be let out. The kiln will be going in a 12x12 space and while i plan to open windows while the kiln is firing and will definitely be getting a vent for it, Im still slightly concerned about really heating up the room. Thanks in advance for any insight!
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