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  1. a few more pix that did not fit above.
  2. I use commercial glazes most of the time. potters choice has some lovely blues that show up in wonderful ways on dark clay bodies. i make color charts each time i am firing a load and have new colors in. this is my board of dark clays. sometimes they dont show well and sometimes you get wonderful results even with a commercial glaze (while the ones you do mix yourself can be astonishing, i am not a glaze snob as so many companies make great ones ready to use, but the effort to make up your own, worth it to try it) i digress. here are some of my tiles, you can see the clay bodies showing on the edges as to how dark the clay was. when they come out really bad, i pitch the test tile. space. you run out of space LOL happy glazing. hope this helps someone.
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