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  1. So, what I am thinking of mixing is 50% alumina with 50% Laguna Frost (WC896) and firing it at cone 10. It's my understanding that porcelain would be a harder, more durable material than a clay. Does that sound reasonable to you? Thank you.
  2. Callie, If I wanted to make some of this wadding and form it in a mold to fire it up as a piece that could be used repeatedly, is there a temperature range I should consider? Thank you.
  3. No. Does not need to be vitrified. I've looked a little further into clays and I may try B Mix ^10 WC379, but it's nice to hear that any clay might do. Quick question about bisque firing. Let's say I'm firing this cone 10 clay. Should I fire it to the cone 10 temp, or should I back off a bit? I've heard that not firing clay to it's full temp will help it withstand the repeated firing during it's intended use. Thanks for your help.
  4. Johnny, Thank you. I will look into all that you have said. I appreciate the clarification on WC401 not being a porcelain. I have looked into slip cast, but thought it was not the right method, but I will take another close look.
  5. Hello. New user here. Not just on this forum, but to clay in general. I am trying to complete a project in which I want to create what's called a 'firing peg' used in the dental lab industry. It's a similar tool as kiln furniture for clay projects, but for small ceramic ovens (pictures included). I have managed to get my hands on some Laguna WC401 B-mix and have a few questions I hope that people here might help me with. First, I'm trying to find some firing instructions. If someone has a link to something like that, Thank you. Second. I'm hoping to get some advice on whether this is in fact a good porcelain clay to use. These firing pegs need to be durable and repeatedly withstand heating up to as high as 1050 C (1922 F). Thank you so much. I appreciate any help I can get.
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