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  1. So … Homework Mix 1 : 5% Cobalt Oxide + 95% Acrylic paint — on leather hard green ware — on bone dry green ware — on bisque Mix 2 : 5% Cobalt Oxide + 10% frit + 85% Acrylic paint — on leather hard green ware — on bone dry green ware — on bisque Mix 3 : underglaze, watered down if slip OR powder + medium (ratio?) — on leather hard green ware — on bone dry green ware — on bisque Note : I don’t get the difference trying this on leather hard and bone ?!? Mix 4 : 5% Cobalt Oxide + 95?% Glycerin + water ? — on bisque Note : is CMC sugar ? just googled it … ?!? Will let you know how it turns out If anybody got another idea, please let me know Thanks to all for the effort ! G.
  2. Thanks a lot for your answers, and sorry for not giving all the details first. So the drawings were made on bisque. I don’t think I could do it properly on green ware as it might get “wet / soft” ? Then I added the transparent glaze and fired it. To Min: I also thought that I put too much oxide, or squeezed the marker too much now and then and have those dark unglazed moment … because sometimes the line is good. There are some blue moment here and there! So, from what I (can) understand … would it be possible to make the drawing, then bisque it again to burn the acrylic, then glaze and fire it properly ? Or do I have to find a replacement to the acrylic ? Or do I use underglaze instead (not familiar with this at all) ? I can make a test with just water and oxide and see if it run through the pen properly but I got the feeling that without a smooth medium it might not work, but again, I base those thoughts on my illustrator experience and it might be totally different here. Any thoughts ? Thanks. G.
  3. Hello everybody. My name is Guillaume, I'm learning ceramic with the ressources I find here and there ... that's why I probably don't have the right vocabulary, but I hope we will understand each other °_____° So, nowadays I'm trying to work with cobalt oxide. I'm not trying to find the right color yet, just being able to draw a clean line and put some glaze on it. The problem I got is that the glaze is not covering the oxide. It runs away from it. What I used is 5% cobalt oxide mixed with ... water based acrylic paint. I did that because I wanted to fill an empty marker and draw (I don't like to work with brushes). I thought that it might be a good medium + the paint will burn away. Any idea on how to fix this ? Thanks ! G. Photo 1 : inside with glaze / Photo 2 : outside no glaze
  4. Hello ! I'm an illustrator and a self taught ceramist. Thanks for your knowledge ... and your patience :)

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