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  1. Woo a magic recipe, yay! I'll definitely try it with my 20kg of problematic clay!
  2. Hi Callie, I'm throwing and thanks for the precision, your remark makes sense !
  3. Oh I see, thanks for your insight, I will give the clay more time to age and see if it makes a difference for me
  4. So, CactusPots, you're describing what works for you, as opposed to what process which doesn't? I don't know of any other method of recycling other than adding water to dried leftovers.
  5. Oh I hadn't considered that, I'll change the way I recycle and see if it makes a difference! Thanks oldlady !
  6. Hi there, I sometimes have a problem with my recycled clay, it has a texture that tears even though it is at the right consistency in terms of moisture. Wedging doesn't help. I wedge on plywood; I never have a problem with the clay coming out of the bag. Could someone please give me some insight?
  7. I've been trying slam wedging for a few days now and it works well for me. it really does save the wrists indeed. Very handy for recycling / mixing clays of different consistency.
  8. Is this an extruder? It seems to me that it doesn't have enough power to mix the clay at all? So no I don't think so! I'm not sure if my idea is the right one. I couldn't spare the wedging without de-airing pugmill, and there are other methods to recycle clay. I'm going to rethink this for now! Thank you for your answers! It helped me to see more clearly.
  9. LT, your answer is very motivating, I'll dig into it!!
  10. There are several reasons why one might want a hand-cranked pugmill; and any help from anyone will be most welcome <3
  11. I'd be very interested in any references or links regarding homemade models / instructions for making them !!
  12. Hi there, I would like to know if anyone has ever heard of a pugmill that would operate manually, without a motor. I figured it would be a cheaper machine to buy, and probably easier to make. My idea is to have the simplest pugmill possible and in a smaller size because I don't need something big.
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