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  1. Thanks for bearing with all my questions. I have a better understanding now. Im going to purchase a pyrometer and witness cones this weekend and do some more experimenting.
  2. Ok, I’m going to run another test with 2 clicks and on number 6 instead of 4. I am pretty sure it fired to fast since it stopped after 4 hours. If my bisque fire works with 2 clicks and 6 hours should I do 2 clicks and like 8 hours for a glaze?
  3. Thanks. For glaze firing would I do the same 2 clicks but change the knob to say 2 hours for faster turn up? i tested your method yesterday on an empty kiln, tint kiln too, the inside is only 8” x 8” and the kiln sitter switched off after about 4 hours. I think I made to calibrate the kiln sitter since it might be dropping to early. I don’t have witness cones but I am going to purchase some to help with the testing as well.
  4. Ok, trying that now with an empty kiln. Going to see how long it takes for the kiln sitter to drop. The previous way I did it, the kiln sitter dropped after about 4ish hours so I am expecting longer this time. I did bisque my ceramics using the previous method I did and I guess they were ok? I can't tell a good fire from a bad fire yet but they were intact. What is the purpose of waiting for it 2 clicks twice rather then say 0 clicks or 6 clicks then moving the knob to a number of hours? Thanks for taking your time to write that up, it was very helpful.
  5. I’ve seen that manual but maybe it’s because I’m pretty new to this I don’t understand what it means by turn up time. I understand kilns have low med high settings but how does turn up time translate? Say I want to Bisque fire, I put my 04 cone in them set the turn up time to 2? For 2 hours of turn up time? The turn up time concept is what is getting me confused. Any guidance would be appreciated.
  6. Hey Everyone, I recently purchased a small kiln which came with a Kiln Sitter Model K and an Automatic AIM Kiln Switch. I'm having a hard time understanding how to use the switch to control the heat of the kiln. I was looking at an AIM manual and the manual says to fire with the steps below. So what I did was set the knob to set, waited 10 seconds then set the knob to 2, then eventually 4 but I don't think it is doing what I think its doing. #2 for 1 hour #2 another hour #4 another 2 hours and #6> after that Can anyone point me in the right direction to use this
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