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  1. also @Minthank you SO MUCH for that pdf. that is exactly the sort of thing I was looking for. I appreciate it!
  2. Thanks, what you said pretty much sums up why I feel so weird about just leaving and saying nothing. Re: firing space, they are on the lower end cost wise based on how much firing space they have. I was also hoping to do large pieces but I am realizing I need more time before I feel comfortable approaching that so it might not be as necessary. That being said, I would like to amp up my production a lot and sell more etc. Some of the other studios are a lot better but also a lot more expensive, so I am trying to find a sweet spot.
  3. I understand about the kiln, but at the last place I was a member if anything happened to my pieces someone would come talk to me or leave a note or apologize. At this place, there are many careless mistakes (probably due to lack of quality control from the top) and nobody says anything or seems to care even about obvious ones that affect or ruin someone's work. It's just a bit frustrating!
  4. It has definitely been teaching me things I would do differently! It is just sort of shocking because the studio I started at but switched from due to lack of 24/7 access was SOOOO on top of everything and conscientious and clean. I miss that place but they only have one small kiln so they won't support the volume I am trying to work on. Thanks for sharing that you had a similar situation!
  5. @CactusPots It's so wild that I have considered telling the health department in hopes that a visit might make them shape up a bit. @liambesaw its not so much as just some dried clay... its a LOT of dried clay. really really tons of it because their deep cleans are not very deep or thorough. the raw materials for glaze making also are pretty haphazardly stored in the glaze room. I wear an n95 most of the time I'm in there because I feel like wearing a respirator would look absurd. I am thinking I may just have to switch studios which is a shame, but I worry for the health of the people who don't realize how many health and safety problems it has. My friend who is a potter in Asheville is dumbfounded by their practices when I share them, she said she would never be able to get away with half the that goes on there if she were working at any of the studios she has worked at. They also have very careless kiln loaders and they let some of the younger members be super chaotic and disrespectful in the space. I've stayed because of the firing space and there is a lot of amazing work around that has been inspiring me, not to mention how close it is. I guess I'm simply too old to be playing in a playpen - I want a studio that is reliable for me to work and grow in!
  6. Hi there, I've been a member of a studio for a couple of months that is incredibly dirty - tons of dried clay on things, not great cleaning practices. Their glazes are also often neglected, needing to be sieved. They have so many different people loading the kiln that there are often preventable mistakes (one girl was complaining to me about how they put a piece with underglaze inside her bisque fire mug and it was left with black spots inside, just to name an example) and when things get other people's glaze on them or whatever other things, nobody comes to let you know or seems to care at all. The reason I haven't left yet is because I get 10K cubic inches of firing space a month and it's super close to my apt, but I'm curious what the best way to approach this would be. I think that their practices violate health codes and I worry about the silica. For most of the last few months I did a lot of work on my home wheel and brought stuff in to finish at the studio but now that I have been spending more time there it really makes me want to say something. From what I have heard, when some people have mentioned certain issues the owners were not very receptive to them so I am hesitant. I am pretty scared for the people who use the studio there often who are setting themselves up for potter's lung! I am touring some other studios so I can make the move hopefully. Tips? Any links I could send them re: health and safety? The owners are pretty young so I am wondering if that's part of it. Thank you!
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