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  1. A quick report back on the decal tests.... I successfully fired some decals on commercially made bathroom tiles, cleaned with water and a little washing up liquid, rinsed, and decals squegeed with a rubber kidney squeegee, dried for 24 hours and slowly fired to 820 centigrade (1508F). All good. So it looks like the blistering issue is in my own made terracotta tiles (fired to 04), with clear glaze (fired to 06). Too soft ?? Has anyone got any thoughts on this, or alternative glaze firing suggestions ?
  2. Many thanks for all your thoughts and advise, lots to think about, time for some more tests (and ethyl alcohol)
  3. The company who print the decals recommend 820c - 840c (1508f - 1544f) at 250c - 300c (482f - 572f) per hour with a 20 mn soak. After doing quite a bit of research it seemed to me the best approach is to have a long steady initial ramp to just below 100c (212f) to eliminate all the moisture. The timings i've used are from a Decals4Artist recommendation. 017 / 018 is around the 720c / 1330f mark. Looks like i'm firing 100c / 212f above that. Would that cause gases in the glaze to be released ? (i've read that somewhere ??) I'm a relative new comer to the world of ceramics, it's a lot of chemistry ! ( i am experiencing both fascination and frustration )
  4. The glaze firing was to 06 (mini bar) with the kiln sitter, and the glazed tiles do have micro cracks in the glaze. Would cracks in the glaze effect the decals? I have recently purchased the kiln controller to get more accurate firings, which is what i have used to fire the decals. These tests were distributed on all the shelves (5) in the kiln, separated by 2" shelf props. It doesn't seem to make any difference as to which shelf they were on. I cleaned the tiles with surgical spirit (which contains castor oil and methysalicylate) which i saw recommended somewhere. I have also used just water to clean the tiles, and that doesn't seem to make any difference.
  5. The lower right tile was about 24 hrs. The other tiles about a week.
  6. Hi, i’m looking for some advise / guidance on using water transfer decals. I’ve done alot of tests with mixed results with blistering. I have been making tiles using terracotta clay + white slip fired to 04, with a clear glaze fired to 06. The decals i have used a rubber squeegey, and paper towel or cloth to eliminate air pockets (they all look very smooth) and excess water. The latest firing was as follows: seg 1: 50f per hour. 200f. Hold 2 hrs vented (lid ajar, peep holes open) seg 2: 200f per hour. 800f. Hold 15 mn vented seg 3: 250f per hour. 1200f seg 4: 275f per hour. 1526f hold 20 mn here are some of the results from different highs in the kiln any help would be very gratefully received. cheers, Ben
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