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  1. Thank you for your help! My second question is how would you fire pieces that are unglazed, how does a single firing work? Do you fire at a glaze temperature so cone 6 in my case?
  2. Thank you Callie, so you'd still recommend firing twice - I will change how I'm creating the pieces in the first place but is there a better way to fire as it would be great to fire only once instead considering I'm not glazing or adding decoration in between the first and second firing? Not using terra sig or adding anything to the clay just burnishing with a stone. How do you control the drying, I keep mine in bin bags to reduce the speed of drying?
  3. Thank you Bill, I really appreciate the feedback! I was worried that they were removed from the kiln when they hadn't cooled down enough! How would you fire a piece like this - would you put it through just one firing instead?
  4. Thank you all for your response - much appreciated! I've attached some photos of the cracks - these were in areas that there weren't even hairline cracks previously from the bisque firing or areas where I wasn't aware of stress/or that I patched in the making process. The color was dirty almost too, supposed to be ivory but ended up being greyish tinged in some parts and there were lots of banding marks too that weren't visible on the first firing. How would you recommend firing them once (what cone) and no there isn't any added decoration etc between firings? Any thoughts on what happened here?
  5. Hi All! I'm a beginner out there and have been working on a stoneware vessels using PSH stoneware 519S clay body firing at cone 6. I wanted to keep the vessels unglazed as they won't be holding water etc and I work really hard on creating a silky texture. They all survived the bisque firing no cracks etc but on the second glaze (high temperature) they have all cracked - incredibly disappointing! If the intention is to keep them unglazed what is the best method of firing to vitrify the clay as I can't leave it in it's bisque format? Firing once at a high temperature (no bisque firing), firing twice at a lower temperature? Really need some help on this one so it doesn't happen again?
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