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  1. Yes that’s what I’m ultimately hoping to do. Handy to be married to an electrical engineer when it comes to these types of projects - right up his alley! Will read up on the options.
  2. Awesome great to know there are parts still!
  3. I will check out the Evenheat for comparison. Meanwhile I’ve grabbed this one sight unseen, considering its apparent condition. I had to crop the pic so it would fit here but the whole lid looked good too. Will keep you posted!
  4. This kiln is being offered in “fair” condition for $60. This seems like a great deal even if it’s totally shot (can maybe use it as a raku kiln). Can anyone help me identify the manufacturer for potential parts?
  5. Thanks for the welcome and the help navigating the system. Good to know about price for a conversion. My husband is an electrical engineer so he can help me with it but parts do seem pricey.
  6. I’m setting up a home studio, keeping an eye out for used kilns. Came across a used Skutt 181 for $600, and would love some feedback on if it’s a reasonable deal. My needs - smallish kiln that can easily be rolled outside through a standard door, ideally digital (willing to convert), fires to cone 6. The kiln looks to be in good shape (no cracked bricks, no elements sticking out) and I am told it works well. Browsing around I get a sense that $600 might be too much to pay? I am also factoring in the cost to convert to digital ($200ish?) and the cost to get the proper wiring set up. Thoughts?
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