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  1. I don’t know about the zone control. Just one thermocouple
  2. My elements are all the same age and the kiln only has maybe 60 firings on it, more of which are bisque. For awhile, I would take them to my friends place and use her glazes and reduction kiln. It’s a pretty big kiln, for an electric. I replaced the thermocouple, there is only one and it is where all my tests were and they did very well. I’m a bit confused and at least I can program it to be done preheating and climbing by the time I arrive in the am. I will program in cone 5 and give it a good soak there while monitoring the cones. My next firing is a bisque and I will set it on the softer side. Gonna have to go old school for now.
  3. I have a 3 year old Skutt electric kiln and it had been firing hot for a little while before Covid and then I could no longer access it due to its location. I was setting it to cone 5 with a 10 minute hold to get cone 6 to drop. I did my first firing in awhile last week and put cone packs in the top, middle, and bottom. The top and bottom went to almost 7 and because it was a test run I loaded it with deglazed stuff and junk bisque. Has anybody dealt with such a difference between temperature in areas of their kiln the tests came out great in the middle but the re-fires blistered and got bleached of all color.
  4. I have a similar issue. At really low speeds the belt sputters. It engages then disengages. Once you put a little juice on the pedal it evens out. I have 3 wheels and replaced all their belts a couple weeks ago. Maybe it’s the pedal? Please advise
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