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  1. Thank you! The tiles say this: “ 4" Square Bisque Tiles These ceramic bisque tiles, made from white earthenware low-fire clay, are suitable for a variety of projects such as creating borders, covering table tops, coasters, and more! Decorate with either underglazes or glazes then fire to†between 999degC-1060degC.” I’m still not sure whether the cobalt carbonate needs to be mixed with anything though. Do you know? Do I just apply it to the bisque tile and then glaze over the top of the design? Or glaze it and fire it first then paint on it, and then fir
  2. Hello everyone! I’m a total beginner and would just like to paint some blue and white patterned tiles - like Chinese pots or Portuguese azulejos - to make a coffee table. I’ve found this forum really useful so far, and have some bisque fired tiles and some cobalt carbonate ready to order. However this is where I’m now stuck - do I need anything else? I’ve seen various ‘recipes’ but I thought I’d just mix the powder with water and paint it on. What else do I need to do? Also what temperature should I fire them at? Really grateful for any help you could provide about how I can achi
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