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  1. Hello! Yet another silly newbie kiln person question. 2 firings ago I accidentally loaded my kiln with plates vertically to fire. They shifted and shoved a post up against the sensing rod. I had to firmly force the sitter to switch off (my kiln was at the highest temp or close to and I was doing a cone 6 firing). Anyways, later when I unloaded it I noticed that the sensing rod was positioned off to the side instead of centered. I then did a bisque firing that was fine (my kiln has seemed to be a cone lower than the cone used. (Ie when doing a cone 6 firing I used a cone 7 cone. ) Then I did a glaze firing with self standing cones and cone in the sitter. It had just started to curve (maybe 1/4 of the way curved). What do I do? Can I manually bend the rod back? Do I need to replace the tube? Is replacing the tube easy for someone who has only been using a kiln for a year? Thank you!
  2. @Pres, sorry! Yes, I do 6-10 cone firings. I know my kiln can and des handle these temps well. I am also using stoneware clay. Since it’s dinnerware I plan on doing the glaze firing cone 10.
  3. This is my first post here, but I really need some guidance. I'm making handbuilt plate set (6 dinner, 6 dessert, and 2 serving plates) for a wedding gift for friends of mine. (I haven't figured out how to throw plates yet so they are slab) Anyways, I plan on doing high firing with them and would like glaze all around (i've tried to make a couple feet for them and it just hasn't worked well :( ). Do I use stilts? Is there a simple way to make feet that don't look like a first grader made them or that give to much height? How do I accomplish this?! Any and all constructive help would be appreciated!
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