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  1. Thank you everyone who answered my questions and helped me find my way out. Im happy with my calculator and have used it a bunch to calculate materials needed and costs for a few upcoming projects. Not sure how I to share it with you (maybe I'll build a website? Would anyone be interested in using this?). I don't have any potter friends, so finding a community of actively engaged people is VERY exciting and makes me want to learn more so I can contribute. Stay safe out there
  2. Ok. More oopsies. I couldn't figure out the math (as presented above) so I reached out to a friend who is a high school math teacher. He helped explain it to me like this. H20 7 2.15(L) -------- = ------ = -------- Plater 10 x(Kg) Cross multiply 7x = 21.5 divide both sides by 7. x = 21.5/7 x= 3.08Kg of plaster. Third time's the charm?
  3. Woah! Awesome, thank you everyone for replying. So my error in converting the volumes from imperial to metric seems to be the issue. I'll adjust my calculator, remake my mold with the correct ratio 0.7:1 ratio with cold water, and wait until my mold is bone dry before pour slip. Its rainy season in Ontario so it might be a couple weeks before I can pour slip again. Thank you to everyone who chimed in. I really appreciate it. mv
  4. Hey there. Im a newbie here. Ive been working on creating some slip casting molds and I've had some mixed results. My troubles mostly have to do with mixing the plaster. Ive read Andrew Martin's Mold making and slip casting book but I refuse to use his plaster formula which uses metric, imperial, volume, AND weight. I've attempted to convert the formula several times now and I'm feeling pretty silly as I cant seem to get the results I'm looking for. I am using a NEW bag of #1 pottery plaster. Ive attached am image of a calculator I made in Sheets but my ratio is 2.
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