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  1. We recently replaced our EnviroVent 1 with a new motor. Our previous motor wasn’t working, made noise and had a lot of rust on it. The replacement was easy and the same motor was reasonably priced. If and when this motor dies we will move to the EnviroVent 2 model. For now it is working well and draws heat away quickly. It’s very quiet too
  2. Thanks Folks. That’s what I was doing before I went to a sump pump. We seem to use a fair amount of water and I always create an excess amount of slurry from my hands and in the pan. I was told that hooking up a Gleko unit below my utility sink would function in a similar way. Any experience with a product like this one? Thanks, Bernie
  3. Hello All: I have a studio in a basement below ground and have to pump slurry up from my utility sink up 8feet and out to septic. I am looking for a solution for effectively trapping slurry from tool and hand washing between the sink and the septic tank. I used to have a sump pump in a sealed container but that got blocked with clay over time in the drainpipe from the sink and around the sump pump. I'm looking for suggestions from your experience for capturing clay without clogging my septic. Suggestions and ideas are requested
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